2023 Workshops and Special Sessions

Please be advised that boxed lunches are available for purchase during the registration process. We highly recommend that individuals attending lunchtime sessions purchase a boxed lunch, as there are no open eateries in the vicinity. If you have already registered, please email membership@cap.ca to update your registration.


Strategies for Publication: How to Choose a Journal – Sunday, June 18, 15h45-17h45

A presentation/workshop by Dr. Stephen Heard

As an author of a scientific paper, you face a bewildering array of options for publication. There are thousands of journals: some very general, and some narrow in scope; some well-known, and some obscure. The situation is complicated even further by the recent proliferation of “predatory” journals and by an escalation in publishing costs. Dr. Heard will discuss some of the factors one might consider in choosing a journal. Participants will then work in small groups to evaluate journals and consider strategies for publishing a paper.

This is a COVID-safe event; all participants must wear a face mask.

Dr. Stephen Heard is a Professor of Biology at the University of New Brunswick, and the author of The Scientist’s Guide to Writing: How to Write More Easily and Effectively Throughout Your Scientific Career (Princeton University Press; 2nd ed. 2022). He has published over 90 scientific papers and served as a journal Associate Editor for more than 20 years.

Workshop on Open Access Publishing – Monday, June 19, 12h15-13h15

Canadian Science Publishing welcomes all CAP attendees for a discussion about the future of science publishing and how publishing serves the research community. CSP will present a brief outlook on the changes within publishing companies (including our own not-for-profit structure) as well as the future of scientific publishing with a particular focus on Open Access and Open Science. We will present for discussion models of agreements that make it possible for OA to be financially feasible for today’s researchers, and welcome feedback on how the Canadian Journal of Physics can better serve the physics research community. The second half of the session will be open for a community discussion with representatives from CSP as well as the Editors in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Physics, Profs. Robert Mann and Marco Merkli.


New Faculty Lunch with NSERC – Wednesday, June 21, 12h00-13h00

Description to come


Special Session: Social Justice and STEM panel discussion – Wednesday, June 21, 12h00-13h00

Join panellists at this lunchtime panel discussion to learn about initiatives being undertaken in Physics departments and Faculties of Science across the country to advance Equity in STEM. These panellists will bring a multidisciplinary perspective across STEM fields, with a student lens and a leadership frame of reference to provide the audience with concrete actions that have led to enhanced Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility, not only in Physics departments but also in Faculties of Science in Canada. They will answer questions such as: How do we integrate social justice and STEM? How can we integrate the Equity Ethic into our programs to attract Equity Deserving groups? What are some of the lessons learned from the census of the Physics community in Canada? How do student leaders view the current state of EDIA efforts in Physics? What are some of the lessons learned from Physics departments participating in the APS IDEA project? What are some of the data-driven approaches being taken by equity leaders in Faculties of Science to ensure the full participation of equity-deserving groups?

Ninan Abraham is a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and past Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Faculty of Science at UBC. Kalaichelvi Saravanamuttu is a Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and inaugural Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Indigeneity in the Faculty of Science at MacMaster University; Steve Dodge is an Associate Professor of Physics and the Faculty Coordinator for the Physics IDEA committee at SFU and Kevin Hewitt is Professor of Physics and the inaugural Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion in the Faculty of Science at Dalhousie and co-lead its APS IDEA team. Anastasia Smolina is a PhD candidate in Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto and co-lead CanPhysCounts, the first diversity census of the Physics community in Canada.


NSERC Community Update – Wednesday, June 21, 17h15 – 18h00

Join us for a short summary of the latest NSERC news and a brief overview of the 2023 Discovery Grant competition results. NSERC staff and the physics evaluation group Chair will be on-hand to answer questions. The CAP-NSERC Liaison Committee Chair will also provide an overview of committee activities in the last year and can answer questions.


NSERC Funding – How do we best support discovery research? – Thursday, June 22, 08h30-10h00

The CAP welcomes all Congress attendees for a discussion about funding for discovery research including student support. Dr. Marc Fortin, Vice-President, Research Grants and Scholarships Directorate at NSERC, will present a summary of NSERC’s funding for discovery research and scholarship programs. The presentation will be followed by a general discussion about ways to build funding for discovery research.


Science Policy Discussion – Thursday, June 22, 12h00-13h00

Discussion of the topics that the CAP should be including in their brief to the Federal Finance Committee this fall for the 2024 Budget. This will be a follow-on from the morning NSERC presentation, expanded to cover other topics of importance/ interest