CAP Lecture Tour

The CAP Lecture Tour for undergraduates is supported by contributions of individual and corporate members to the CAP Foundation, as well as by participating physics departments. Special invited talks in this program are scheduled at universities across the country from January to April of each year.

The goals of the lecture tour are to share the excitement of current developments in physics with undergraduate students across the country; to promote and celebrate the study of physics in Canada; to enhance collaborations between CAP and Canadian physics departments; to increase the visibility of CAP in the Canadian university community, and to promote student memberships in the CAP.

Speakers are CAP members who are nominated by their department heads or colleagues for their outstanding ability to present an exciting topic in physics to undergraduate students with clarity and enthusiasm. The CAP calls for speaker nominations each fall and publishes a list of titles and abstracts on its website. Student groups at participating departments are invited to make their own speaker selections; the tour is organized on a regional basis and is overseen by a national coordinator who reports to the CAP Executive.

2024 CAP Lecture Tour

The schedule for the 2024 lecture series is now available.

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