Description of The Professional Physicist Designation Logo

The logo represents two Latin «p»’s placed «back to back», in a reversed sense, in a manner to constitute the Greek letter «phi». A circular strip surrounds the logo and on the contour, we can read the names “Professional Physicist” and “physicien · physicienne”. The free zones between the text show some purple and white alternated lines.


  1. The Latin letter «p» represents the words «Physicist / physicien · physicienne»; a second «p» is drawn in a «shaded mode» to the left of the main «p» to represent the word «Professional» in the English designation «Professional Physicist»;
  2. The Greek letter «phi», F has been chosen for the following reasons:
    • It is the first letter of the Greek words «physis» and «physike» that mean, respectively, «Nature» and «Physics»;
    • This letter is well known and used by many physicists and most often symbolizes the wave function and/or the field of one or many particles;
    • Its geometry presents straight and curved lines, some square and circular shapes, common to different graphic presentations in Physics, with symmetry, simplicity and with a sort of aestheticism, qualities often cherished by the physicist. In particular, the logo is invariant under a rotation of 180, except for the colours;
    • The phoneme «phi» recalls partially the French and English professional abbreviations of «physicien · physicienne» and «Professional Physicist», i.e. «phys.» and «P. Phys.»;
  3. The round shape recalls the graphic representation of atoms and molecules;
  4. The curved lines represent the circular wave fronts that originate fromthe center of the logo (also, these lines are partially reminiscent of the radioactivity symbol);
  5. The curved lines also signify the communication, exchange and collaboration that are essential and profitable to the scientific production and where professional relations, solidarity and friendship exist to form a real community;

The entire picture is in a simple, symmetrical and aesthetic configuration. Overall, it represent the large and multiple facets that radiate from the Physicist’s role and activity inside of society as a whole.