The following is a list of the standing committees within the CAP.  Over time, a webpage will be established for each committee identifying the mandate, the list of existing committee members, as well as contact information for CAP members to use if they are interested in getting involved in that committee.

Academic Affairs Committee

Chair: Chitra Rangan
University of Windsor
CAP Director of Academic Affairs

Canadian National IUPAP Liaison Committee

Chair: Rituparna Kanungo
St. Mary’s University / TRIUMF
CAP Director of International Affairs

CAP/NSERC Liaison Committee

Chair: Sjoerd Roorda
Université de Montréal
(appointed jointly by CAP Board / NSERC)

Division for Gender Equity in Physics

Chair: Carolyn Sealfon
Minerva University
(elected by members of DGEP)

Communications Committee

Chair: Jenny Kliever
Carleton University
CAP Director of Communications

Congress Advisory Committee

Chair: Christine Kraus
CAP Secretary-Treasurer

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chair:  Kevin Hewitt / Anatasia Smolina
Dalhousie Univ. / University of Toronto
(appointed by CAP Board)

Finance Committee

Chair: Christine Kraus
CAP Secretary-Treasurer

High School Prize Exam Committee

Chair: Andrzej Kotlicki
University of British Columbia
(appointed by CAP Board)

International Affairs Committee

Chair: Oliver Stelzer Chilton
CAP Director of International Affairs

Member and Affiliate Services Committee

Chair: vacant

CAP Director of Member and Affiliate Services

Nominations Committee

Chair:Barbara Frisken
Simon Fraser University
CAP Past President

Outreach Committee

The CAP is working toward establishing
an official Outreach Committee.  CAP members interested in helping with this project are invited to contact the CAP Executive Director.

Private Sector Relations Committee

Chair: Ian D’Souza
Honeywell Aerospace
CAP Director of Private Sector Relations

Professional Affairs Committee

Chair: Daniel Cluff, P.Phys.
CanMind Associates
(appointed by CAP Board)

Professional Certification Committee

Chair: Jean-Marc Noël, P.Phys.
Royal Military College
(appointed by CAP Board)

Recognitions Committee

Chair:Barbara Frisken
Simon Fraser University
CAP Past President

Science Policy Committee

Chair: vacant

CAP Director of Science Policy


Student Affairs Committee

Chair: Ben Newling
University of New Brunswick
CAP Director of Student Affairs

University Prize Exam Preparation Committee

Chair: Christine Kraus
(appointed by CAP Board)

  University Prize Exam Review Committee

Chair: Robert Thompson
University of Calgary
(appointed by CAP Board)