Science Policy Committee

About Us:

The CAP Science Policy Committee (SPC) is a key resource for CAP’s science policy efforts. Its role is, independently and in partnership with other groups, to drive and assist the CAP’s efforts surrounding advocating for physicists, and for scientists generally, with decision makers and funders.  It is led by the CAP’s Director of Science Policy.

Our Mission:

  • Take primary responsibility for developing CAP positions and strategies in the science policy arena.
  • Provide expert advice to the CAP President and Board when science policy issues arise.
  • Alert the Executive and CAP membership to news in the science policy area, especially when it sees problems or opportunities developing.
  • Assist the CAP President and others in developing letters and other communications to policymakers and funders
  • Take the lead in developing other written positions, most notably CAP’s annual Brief to the House of Commons Finance Committee.
  • Spearhead other CAP advocacy efforts.
  • Primary liaison between CAP and the Canadian Consortium for Research, the umbrella advocacy body for Canada’s scientific societies,
  • Participate in the Canadian Science Policy Conference
  • Participate in the Partnership Group for Science and Engineering to inform parliamentarians about recent advances in science and physics
  • Assist in organizing the Science Policy Session(s) at the CAP Annual Congress.

CAP Science Policy News and Resources



  • Eric Donovan, Calgary (Chair)
  • Daniel Banks, TVB Associates Inc.
  • John Bechhoefer, Simon Fraser U.
  • Melanie Campbell, Waterloo
  • Ian D’Souza, Honeywell
  • Jens Dilling, TRIUMF
  • Gordon Drake, Windsor
  • John Dutcher, Guelph
  • Robert Fedosejevs, Alberta
  • Francine Ford, CAP
  • Barbara Frisken, Simon Fraser
  • Bruce Gaulin, McMaster
  • Aimee Gunther, NRC
  • Sean Lee, TRIUMF
  • Richard MacKenzie, Montréal
  • Mike Morrow, Memorial
  • Michael O’Neill (retired)
  • Stephen Pistorius, Manitoba
  • Kris Poduska, Memorial
  • Maikel Rheinstadter, McMaster
  • Steven Robertson, IPP/U.Alberta
  • Matthew Robbins, Waterloo
  • J. Michael Roney, Victoria
  • Adam J. Sarty, St. Mary’s
  • Michael Steinitz, St. Francis Xavier
  • Donna Strickland, U.Waterloo
  • Robert I. Thompson, Calgary
  • William Whelan, UPEI
  • Zahra Yamani, CNL

If you are a CAP member, are interested in science policy, and are prepared to be active, we want to hear from you! Please e-mail the Committee Chair, Eric Donovan, c/o the CAP Office  (programs[at]cap[dot]ca).