Resources & Prizes for High-school Students

A love of science and the wonder of physics begins early in life. The CAP encourages high-school students and parents to explore the impact that physics makes on our world, the opportunities available through a physics education, and the programs that the CAP provides to assist high-school/CEGEP students in their current and future studies

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Spot the Physicist Poster: (downloadable)

Physicists Among Us Videos (click to play):

Irene and Jeff Vavasour’s physics backgrounds contribute to their rewarding and challenging careers as an MRI Researcher and video game developer
Laura-Isabelle Dion explains what an application scientist does, the exciting opportunities for travel and collaboration with her job, and her experiences as a female scientist.
 Ken Iliadis applies his physics degree to forensic work in his career as an accident reconstruction expert with MEA Forensic Engineers and Scientists.
 As a physicist, LeeAnn Janissen’s ability to recognize and analyze patterns in data equipped her for the capital markets, and her love of space inspired her art.