Wall of Giving

During the CCUWiP 2019, CAP launched an initiative to recycle obsolete tote bags that bore an outdated CAP logo for a good cause. The “CAP Challenge” encouraged attendees to fill conference bags with donations to a local charity, take a picture of the filled bag(s), and post that picture to social media with the hashtag #CAPChallenge.

Photos reflecting this completed challenge are posted below.  The wall will be updated as we receive additional photos or pledges to complete the challenge by the end of May of this year.

Thank you to everyone who has completed and/or pledged to complete the #CAPChallenge!

Physics students proudly participate in the CAP Charity Challenge

University of Saskatchewan students donate to the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre

University of Ottawa students (Emily Zhang, Ras-Jeevaan Obhi, Kristen Stecher) donate to the Shepherds of Good Hope Ottawa