Guidelines for Licensee Photos

Attention Licensees – Should you wish to submit your picture to be displayed in the photo gallery, or you are not satisfied with the current picture shown, we invite you to send us a recent picture by email.

Advice to Achieve the Best Picture Quality

Pictures displayed here do not have to look like your driver’s license! Following these few simple rules will allow us to display a bright, clear picture:

  • Please ensure the picture is large.
    • Preferably 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high or larger.
    • The picture should be 72 dpi not larger!. Yes, this is opposite of what is asked for for printing the pictures where a larger dpi is better.
  • JPG is the preferable format, with colour in RGB format. Avoid GIF if possible (GIF only has a maximum colour depth of 256 colours)
  • Please ensure there is nothing blocking any part of your face in the picture.
  • For best results, the light should be shining on your face, not from behind.