Future CAP Congresses

The annual CAP Congress is an important forum, allowing Canadian physicists and colleagues from around the world to exchange ideas. It also affords the local hosts to showcase their city and institution. Scheduled upcoming Congresses are listed below.

  • 2024 May 26-31 – CAP Annual Congress at Western University, London, ON
  • 2025 – TBD – CAP Annual Congress at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

We invite bids to host future CAP Congresses.

To assist you in preparing a bid, we have developed a comprehensive Congress Planning kit which appears below. The formal bid needs to include only the letter of intent, a description of the institution/facilities, and a very preliminary “broad-brush” budget that demonstrates whether you anticipate being able to meet the targeted budget based on reasonable attendance. Examples of everything you need for a bid is included in the kit which is downloadable using the link below.

If you are interested in submitting a bid, please contact the CAP office to send you the .doc and .xls templates for the documents which need to be submitted to the CAP as part of the bid.

The completed bid should be sent to the CAP Executive Director, Francine Ford (execdir@cap.ca). Bids for the 2026 Congress and beyond must be received at the CAP office no later than 2024 August 31. The letter should include an indication of what years you are interested in, keeping in mind that the Congress normally travels Central-East-Central-West.

Download Congress Kit (to be updated)