Student Advisory Council (SAC) of CAP – Science Communication Series

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) of CAP is pleased to present the summer Science Communication Series! The series consists of two panels and three workshops focused on developing oral, written and visual communication skills. The first panel will take place May 9th, for more information please visit this page.

There will be a workshop and panel hybrid event on Sunday, June 5th as a part of the in-person CAP Congress.

From 15:00 – 16:20 EST: Written Workshop hosted by Emily Deibert. Emily Deibert is a science writer for Research2Reality and was previously a science writer The ConversationNew Scientist, and Massive Science, amongst others. She has also written for PBS Space Time, creating the episode “Was the Milky Way a Quasar?” Emily is currently a Ph.D. Candidate and NSERC Vanier Scholar at the University of Toronto (Dunlap Institute). The workshop will focus on a range of topics including how to write for broad audiences, for different media, and how to write better scientific papers.


From 16:40 – 18:00 EDT: “SciComm in Canada” Panel featuring,

  • Pramodh Senrath-Yapa (organizer of ComSciConCAN)
  • Cassidy Swanston (creative mind behind SciComSchool)
  • Celia Du (Canadian Space Agency)
  • Dr. Estelle Chamoux (Science Communication Instructor at Bishop’s University)
  • Dr. Kori Czuy (Indigenous Engagement Specialist at TELUS Spark Science)

You may register to attend virtually on June 5th through the following zoom links:

To submit specific questions to the above panelists or request a particular topic to be discussed in Emily’s workshop, please fill out the following google form.

If you are going to attend the Congress, registration information can be found here:

**There are additional events happening as of May 9th, please open this link for more information.**