Instructions to Listeners, Speakers and Session Chairs (convenors)

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Listeners, Speakers, and Session Chairs



In order to ensure that listeners can transfer from one session to another, the oral presentations will be timed. As a courtesy to all conference participants, we would ask that the following simple guidelines be observed. Your cooperation is appreciated.

EVERYONE – Ensure that you are wearing your Congress name badge at ALL times.


  • Please arrive at a lecture room promptly before the next paper is to begin.
  • Please leave a session unobtrusively, preferably during or at the end of the question and answer period.


  • Make your computer arrangements before the start of your session.
  • Be ready to start your talk on time.
  • Pace your talk to end well before the next talk begins: about 3 minutes for a contributed paper and about 5 minutes for an invited paper.
  • Answer questions and comments as efficiently as possible; defer any follow-up discussions to be continued after the session or in a health break.
  • Obey your session chair’s instructions.


  • Arrive at the session room no later than 15 minutes before your session begins. Check that all needed projection and auxiliary equipment is present and operational.
  • Introduce yourself to the assistant in the room and verify that the session timer is working.
  • Check that your speakers and, if applicable, judges and student competitors (marked with * in program), are present and correctly identified before the session starts.  Ask the room assistant to make a note if there is a speaker substitution (for reporting to CAP office).
  • Start each paper right on time.
  • Make sure each speaker stops talking well before the next paper begins.
  • Keep the question periods interesting, lively, and productive. Read over the papers in your session before-hand. If necessary, prepare comments and questions.
  • Do not let any discussion period get out of hand, either on the speaker’s or the questioner’s side.
  • Under no circumstances may the order of giving the papers differ from that given in the program. If a speaker fails to appear, either recess the session until the start of the next scheduled talk, or introduce an ad-hoc discussion of earlier presentations to fill the time slot.