Canada Wide Science Fair

The Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) brings science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) out of the classroom – engaging youth in STEM solutions to real world issues.

CAP-F sponsors a physics prize at each of the “Senior”, “Intermediate” and “Junior” levels each year. This sponsorship promotes and supports high-school and CEGEP students’ interest in physics today and shows them the applications and opportunities open to them with a physics education.

2021 CAP CWSF Winners

Senior CAP Physics Prize – Adam Patton, Cariboo Mainline – British Columbia
Project: The Shapes of the Future – Increasing Electrode E!ciency in Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
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Intermediate CAP Physics Prize – Mitchell Clapperton, Bay Area – Ontario
Project: The Creation & Optimization of a Wake Mitigation Device Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
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Junior CAP Physics Prize – Téo L’Italien, Districts francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick – New Brunswick
Project: Le réjuvénateur de marqueurs
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Previous CAP CWSF Winners