The CAP has established 14 internal divisions and 1 external division to more deeply support and promote specialized areas of interest in physics. Division Chairs participate on the CAP Advisory Committee and the Congress Program Committee. For more information on a Division and its activities, follow the links below.


Internal Divisions


Division of Applied Physics and Instrumentation (DAPI) 

2023/24 Chair:  Steffon Luoma

Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Canada (DAMOPC)

2023/24 Chair:  Jens Lassen

Division of Atmospheric and Space Physics (DASP)

2023/24 Chair:  David Themens

Division of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (DCMMP)

2023/24 Chair:  Tami Pereg-Barnea

Division for Gender Equity in Physics (DGEP)

2023/24 Chair:  Carolyn Sealfon

Division on the History of Physics (DHP)

2023/24 Chair: Vacant

Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP)

2023/24 Chair:  Liliana Caballero Suarez

Division of Physics Education (DPE)

2023/24 Chair:  John Donohue

Division of Physics in Medicine and Biology (DPMB)

2023/24 Chair:  Mamadou Diop

Division of Plasma Physics (DPP)

2023/24 Chair: Stephan Reuter

Division of Quantum Information (DQI)

2023/24 Chair:  Daria Ahrensmeier

Division of Surface Sciences (DSS)

2023/24 Chair:  Viki Meli

Division of Theoretical Physics (DTP)

2023/24 Chair:  Ivan Booth

Particle Physics Division (PPD)

2023/24 Chair: Seyda Ipek

External Divisions


Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU)