Corporate Membership

Any corporation or firm that supplies a product or service to physicists, or that uses physical sciences to produce products and offer services, is invited to apply for Corporate Membership in the CAP.

Corporate Membership in the CAP assists an organization to build important connections to the Canadian physics community. This is facilitated through CAP’s journal, Physics in Canada, the CAP website, participation in joint Industry-Academic working groups, and other CAP initiatives.

Corporate Membership fees are directed entirely to the CAP Foundation, our charitable arm which manages/funds the educational activities of the CAP. The broader educational activities of the CAP help to enhance the public understanding of the importance of science and scientific education to the Canadian community.

Corporate Membership fees and services are structured to accommodate the size and scope of individual institutions and their level of commitment to the CAP. Corporate Members of the CAP are represented on the Board of Directors by a Director of Private Sector Relations; Corporate Members may vote and hold office for this position.

A directory of current Corporate Members is posted on this web site and is published from time to time in Physics in Canada.

Applications for Corporate Membership must be accepted by the CAP Board.