Government & Science Policy Activities

The CAP, both independently and in partnerships with other groups as appropriate, actively monitors and responds to government legislation that impacts physics research and education, application and funding in Canada, including:

  • Submissions to the House of Commons Finance Committee on Research Priorities in Physics
  • Increased core funding for the granting Councils
  • The need for a mechanism to support the indirect costs of university-based research
  • Increased support for government science activities
  • The urgent need for a positive funding decision on the Canadian Neutron Facility (CNF)

The CAP also has an active government relations program that engages with and informs elected members and other government officials about the contributions and impact made to industry and Canadian society by physics and physicists. Members of the physics profession are encouraged to support these efforts in any interactions they have with government/funding officials and to continuously recognize the sources of funding when communicating about their research

Government & Science Policy Links