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CONGRESS PRESENTERSClick here to access a file providing a breakdown of each individual presentation.  Click somewhere on the pdf file and then use the Windows CTRL-F (or Mac equivalent) to search for your name to find the details relating to your presentation.

The file notes :

  • which presenters are required to have pre-recorded full talks uploaded prior to Congress (deadline May 14), with summary presentations given during Congress  (“hybrid”)
  • which talks will be given in full during Congress (“live”)
  • the length and breakdown (mins for talk/questions) of each presenter’s scheduled time slot during Congress
  • which presentations are scheduled as posters and require the uploading of the pdf poster file prior to Congress (deadline May 14)

Questions related to the uploading of files should be directed to   Any other questions should be directed to

Key Rules:

All presenters must be registered delegates of the 2021 Congress in order to give their presentation.  All presenters will be contacted once registration is open; the link will also be posted on the CAP Congress website.

Student competitors must also be a current graduate student member or undergraduate student affiliate of the CAP to be eligible to compete (click here to join or click here to check membership and renew if necessary).   The deadline to join and preserve the right to compete is May 5th.

The scheduled Congress sessions that occur within the Underline platform are all being recorded.  Any delegate who does not want to appear in the recordings should pose questions through the moderator so that they do not need to activate their video.

Key Dates:

May 14, 2021 – Date by which oral presenters giving hybrid talks during Congress are required to submit pre-recorded full versions of their oral talks and sign the presenter release, oral presenters giving live talks are required to submit a presenter release, and all poster presenters will need to upload their pdf poster file and sign the presenter release (see explanation of hybrid and live talks, upload instructions, and links to submission forms below).

NOTE:  It is the presenter’s responsibility to ensure that their presentation is uploaded successfully. Prior to the live congress site being made public on May 31st, presenters will be contacted by Underline to review their posted submission.  If you do not receive this message by May 27 or have issues please contact with a copy to the Program Chair,  

May 31, 2021 – Date by which the live CAP Congress online platform within Underline will be made public, at which time all registered delegates will be sent instructions on how to access the system.  Once logged in, delegates will have access to the online schedule, all submitted posters, and pre-recorded oral talks.

June 6 – 11, 2021 – CAP Congress

June 17, 2021 – CAP-level student best oral presentation competition finals and student oral and poster award ceremony

September 15, 2021 – Final date to notify Underline if you do not want your presentation to be transferred to the Underline public published archive; i.e. to make sure it is not made available outside of Congress delegate access period.

September 30, 2021 – Final date for Congress-delegate access to the posters and the recordings of the conference presentations on the CAP Congress Underline platform.


The 2021 virtual Congress will include a mix of “hybrid” and “live” oral talks.  The format of oral talks in each Division was at the discretion of the individual Division Chairs.

A hybrid talk means that the presenter is being asked to submit a pre-recorded full presentation, which will be made available to delegates before the Congress starts.   There will also be a shorter “live” presentation scheduled during the conference where the presenter will summarize (and update) the information provided in the pre-recorded talk.  A moderated question and answer period will be included during that session.

A live talk means that the presenter will be giving their full talk during the Congress session.  Time for questions will be included.

Since sessions must keep to the schedule, all presenters are encouraged to be online and logged in to their session at least 30 minutes prior to the session start. This will allow an opportunity for presenters to introduce themselves to the session chair, and to set up and test their presentation in advance. Assistance will be available through online session moderators/support personnel.

All sessions and presentations at the Congress will be recorded and the recordings will be made available on the Underline platform shortly after.  Any presenter who does not want the recording of their talk made during Congress, or their pre-recorded submission (if applicable), to be made available outside of the Congress-delegate access period will be able to indicate this on the live speaker release form at

How will you know which talk type you were assigned?

** NEW ** —  Access the file available here, click somewhere on the pdf file and then use the Windows CTRL-F (or Mac equivalent) to search for your name to find the details relating to your presentation.  Check the Hybrid or Live column to know for sure what talk type you were assigned. ***

Log in to the CAP’s abstract management site in Indico ( and click on “My Contributions” under the “My Conference” link on the left.  Click on your talk title and you will be taken to the details of your scheduled talks.  Any time allocation of 7 minutes or less within the Congress schedule is considered a hybrid talk and those of 10 minutes or greater are considered a live talk unless you are notified otherwise.  It is important to note the time allocated for your presentation for planning purposes.

For hybrid presenters:

Contributed talks:

  • Pre-recorded: 15 minutes
  • Live presentation:  typically 2 minutes (check Congress timetable for exact time

Invited speaker talks:

  • Pre-recorded: 30 minutes
  • Live presentation:  typically 3 minutes (check Congress timetable for exact time)

How to submit your pre-recorded talk
Video files must be submitted using the submission form by May 14, 2021 following the instructions provided at  A copy of these instructions and a link to the form are also available on the CAP congress website

NOTE:  The submission form includes a Speaker Release for hybrid presenters.

For live presenters:

All live presenters are asked to complete the Live Speaker Release form at

Contributed talks:

  • Typically time slots of 10-15 minutes (check Congress timetable for exact time)
  • Allow 3 minutes for questions/answers

Invited speaker talks:

  • Typically time slots of 20-30 minutes (check Congress timetable for exact time)
  • Allow 5 minutes for questions/answers.

Plenary speaker talks:

  • Time slots with no other activities scheduled at the same time talks are typically 30 or 45 minutes (check Congress timetable for exact time)
  • Allow 5 minutes for questions/answers.
  • Plenary speakers will be asked to submit a pre-recorded version of their talk to be held as a backup in case of technical difficulties or an unforeseen circumstance which prevents their participation during their designated time slot.  It will not be accessible by congress delegates.



Posters will be available within the GatherTown platform of the site from the date the Congress platform is live (May 31, 2021) and through the conference so delegates will be able to browse them at any time. Poster stations will include an area where visitors can post questions and/or request a time to meet with the poster author if the delegate is not able to participate during the official poster sessions noted below.

NOTE:  Poster presenters should ignore the 2-minute timeslot that was assigned to their poster in Indico; this was required to insert the abstract into the poster session.  Presenters are to be at their posters the full hour of each poster session.

Two live poster sessions will be held on Wednesday, June 9, from 13h45-14h45 EDT and from 17h30-18h30 EDT.

Poster presenters should be logged into the CAP Congress system and “at their poster” (available online within the GatherTown platform used for the poster session) at least 5 minutes prior to the official start of the poster sessions. There will be numbered virtual poster boards within the topical group rooms located off the main lobby.

Poster Size –

  • Posters must be prepared on a single page; landscape
  • They should mimic a typical poster presented at an in-person Congress which has dimensions of 4’ wide x 3’ high.
  • Poster files must be saved as pdf files
  • File size must not exceed 20 MB
  • They should be legible on a 15” display.

How to submit your poster
All poster presenters must submit their poster via the form before May 14, 2021. If you have any questions or need support, please contact  NOTE: This form includes a presenter release.

Presenters will need to know their abstract # and poster identifier to include in the submission form.

How to find your poster number and topical group
In addition to the abstract number which was assigned when the contribution was submitted, all poster presentations will be assigned a unique poster number which identifies where to find each poster within the topical group the poster has been assigned to.  To find your poster number, log in to the CAP’s abstract management site in Indico ( and click on “My Contributions” under the “My Conference” link on the left.  The poster number will appear with your abstract title and will include the acronym for the assigned topical group.


For general information about the CAP Best Student Presentation Competition, please click here

Any student presenter who has not signed up for the competition but would like to do so can submit a request to and no later than May 5, 2021.  Acceptance is at the discretion of the Division Chair.

All oral competition entries will be judged by Divisional Judges in the parallel technical sessions and symposia as scheduled from Monday through Thursday. Judges will watch pre-recorded presentations in advance. They will attend the sessions to watch live presentations and ask questions.

All poster competition entries will be judged by Divisional Judges. This may happen either during the live poster sessions or in advance, as the Underline platform allows judges to visit the posters in advance of the live sessions and request a meeting with students outside of the regular live sessions.

Judging rubrics can be found on the CAP Congress website .

The names of the winners of the Divisional Oral and Poster Presentation Competitions, together with the list of the 8 finalists for each of the CAP Best Student Oral Presentation Competition and CAP Best Student Poster Presentation Competition, will be posted by the end of the day Tuesday, June 15, on the Congress website.

The final student poster competition will be held on Thursday, June 17, 2021 from 10h00-12h00. Finalists should be available at their posters during this time.  All finalists will be judged by a panel of judges who will attend the poster session and ask questions.

The final student oral competition will be held on Thursday, June 17, 2021 from 13h15-15h30 EDT.   All oral presentations in the CAP-level finalists competition will be presented in live format in 15 minute time slots (12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions).  All finalists will be judged by a panel of judges who will attend the sessions to watch live presentations and ask questions.


The awards ceremony for both the student poster and oral competitions will also be held on June 17th starting at 16h30 EDT.