Symposium Day – June 8

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. 

Symposium Day is Tuesday, June 8, 2021 and we can’t wait!

Symposium Day are thematically cohesive mini-conferences organized by our various Divisions.

We have scheduled 7 Symposia this year in addition to the co-hosted Magnetic North Conference which is running under the CAP Congress banner.  Click here for the full schedule of each symposium.

  • Cosmology; A celebration of the Nobel Prize of James Peebles (DTP)
  • Impactful Advances in Biological and Medical Physics (DPMB)
  • Low temperature plasmas / Fusion plasmas (magnetic and inertial confinement) / Laser plasmas / Basic plasmas (DPP)
  • Neutrino Physics & Beyond (PPD)
  • Physics for the Next Generation of Sensors and Metrology (NRC)
    The Sensors and Metrology Symposium (hosted through the Quantum Sensors Challenge Program at the National Research Council) will centre discussion around development of revolutionary sensors that harness the extreme sensitivity of quantum systems to provide enhanced precision, sensitivity, rates, and range of measurable phenomena.  This new generation of quantum sensors will lay the groundwork for a future high-tech industry in Canada centred around quantum technologies.
  • Private Sector Physics (DAPI/Prof.Affairs)
  • Quantum Machine Learning (DTP)

Co-Hosted Conference – Magnetic North