Instructions for Oral Presenters


Duration of Talk

  • Contributed talk: 15 minutes and allow a three-minute period for questions (12 plus 3 minutes = 15 minutes).
  • Invited talk: 30 minutes and allow a five-minute period for questions
  • It is important to respect the time allocation to ensure that the session runs smoothly, efficiently and finishes on time.


Conference Room AV Equipment

In most of technical session rooms, speakers can stream their presentation from their laptop to the projector using the Echo360 Lecture Capture Platform. In other rooms, speakers can upload their presentation to the podium computer or join the Zoom session on their laptop. Technical assistance will be available either through room monitors, roving technical assistants or at the Registration desk.

Since talks must be kept to the schedule, you are encouraged to arrive for your session at least 15 minutes early or test the presentation in advance. Assistance will be available through a student volunteer in the room.


Best Student Oral Competitors

All oral competition entries will be judged by Divisional Judges in the parallel technical sessions and symposia as scheduled from 10h45 Monday through 16h30 Wednesday. The list of the 8 finalists for the CAP Best Student Oral Competition will be posted by the end of the day Wednesday, June 8, at the CAP desk in the registration area and on the Congress website.

Finalists for the CAP Best Student Oral competition will give a second oral presentation on Thursday, June 9, 13:15-15:15. Winners of the CAP Best Student Oral Competition and winners of Division oral competitions will be announced at the Student Awards Ceremony on Thursday, June 9, 16:30-17:15.

All competitors should make plans to be in attendance at Congress on the Thursday to be available for the final competition should they be selected (or to cheer on the finalists if not).  If you know ahead of Congress that you have to leave before Thursday, please send an e-mail to the head judge, so that arrangements can be made for an alternate competitor in the event that you receive the top divisional prize (which would be sent to you by mail following Congress).


Judging will be based on the following:

Introduction, motivation


Scientific content, quality, originality


Speaking quality, clarity, enthusiasm


Organization, use of visual aids


Ability to answer questions




(> 45 sec)

(oral only, -10%)



Student competitors must be a current graduate student member or undergraduate student affiliate of the CAP to be eligible to compete (click here to join or click here to check membership and renew if necessary). The deadline to join and preserve the right to compete is May 20, 2022.