2018 Invited Speakers




Talk Title

CEWIP Mavalvala, Nergis
Marble, Kathleen
MIT Intersections between gender inclusion and anti-racism worIntersections between gender inclusion and anti-racism wor
CEWIP Hewett, Kevin Dalhousie U. Intersections between gender inclusion and anti-racism worIntersections between gender inclusion and anti-racism wor
DAMOPC Kumarakrishnan, A. York University Applications of Auto-locked Laser Systems for Precision Metrology
DAMOPC Lvovsky, Alexander U. Calgary Entanglement between polarization and wave-like optical qubits and its applications
DAMOPC Dolgaleva, Ksenia Ottawa U. Material Candidates for Nonlinear Photonic Devices
DAMOPC Branczyk, Agata Perimeter Institute Customizing quantum light sources for emerging quantum technologies
DAMOPC Davis, John Davis U. Alberta Towards Microwave to Telecom Wavelength Quantum Information Transfer using Cavity Optomechanics
DAMOPC Egberts, Philip U. Calgary Graphene Lubrication and Wetting Transparency Evaluated through Nanoscale Friction
DAMOPC/DCMMP Beaudoin-Bertrand, Julien Université Laval Attosecond Pump-Probe Experiments in Condensed Matter
DAMOPC/DCMMP Hammond, TJ NRC Waveform reshaping and measurement for attoscience in condensed matter
DAMOPC/DCMMP Cooke, David McGill U. TBA
DAMOPC/DCMMP Hegmann, Frank U. Alberta TBA
DAMOPC/DCMMP Can-Ming Hu, Habil U. Manitoba Cavity Spintronics
DAMOPC/DCMMP McDonald, Chris Ottawa U. Intense Laser Solid State Physics: Bridging the Gap between Attosecond Science and Solid State Physics
DAMOPC/DCMMP Bristow, Alan West Virginia Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy of semiconductor excitons, biexcitons and polaritons
DAMOPC/DCMMP Kena-Cohen, Stephane Polytechnique Montreal Room-temperature quantum fluids of light
DAMOPC/DCMMP DeCorby, Ray U. Alberta On-chip Fabry-Perot microcavity arrays for cavity QED
DAMOPC/DPE Drake, Gordon U. Windsor Atomic Theory: Drilling down to new physics
DAMOPC/DPE Campbell , Melanie U. Waterloo Teaching optical physics at the graduate level: research and career objectives help determine content and methods of delivery
DAMOPC/DTP/DCMMP Choi, Kyung Soo U. Waterloo TBA
DAPI Cluff, Daniel CanMind Associates Cryogenic Energy Storage in Conjunction with Mine Chilling a Co-generation System
DASP Chang, Rachel Dalhousie University
DASP Drummond, James Dalhousie University
DASP Guillon, Sébastien Hydro-Québec
DASP Rankin, Robert University of Alberta
DASP St.-Maurice, Jean-Pierre
Themens, David
Gallardo-Lacourt, Bea
Ward, William
University of Saskatchewan University of New Brunswick University of Calgary
University of New Brunswick
DCMMP Wiebe, Chris U. Winnipeg Frustrated Magnetism
DCMMP Gingras, Michel U. Waterloo Frustrated Magnetism
DCMMP Guo, Hong McGill U. Electronic States of the Moiré Superlattice
DCMMP Johnson, Erin Dalhousie U. Application of the exchange-hole dipole moment dispersion model to surfaces and 2D materials
DCMMP Kirch, Jacob Ottawa U. Intermediate band materials for high efficiency solar cells: overview and future directions
DCMMP Maasen, Jesse Dalhousie U. Ab-initio modeling of thermoelectric materials: a new route towards higher efficiency
DCMMP Obrovac, Mark Dalhousie U. Silicon containing materials in Li-ion batteries
DCMMP Odom, Susan U. Kentucky Long Lived organic molecules for Redox Flow batteries
DCMMP Bush, John
Showalter, Ken
Pattern Formation
DCMMP Grutter, Peter McGill U. Using Probe Microscopies to study battery materials
DCMMP Bush, John MIT Pilot-wave hydrodynamics
DCMMP Zaghib, Karim Hydro Quebec Safe Li-ion and beyond for energy storage
DCMMP Showalter, Kenneth West Virginia University Experimental and Computational Studies of 1D and 2D Chimera States in Populations of Coupled Chemical Oscillators
DHP Jericho, Manfred Dalhousie U. Two Hundred Years of Physics at Dalhousie
DNP Pascal-Moritz, Reiter TRIUMF TBA
DNP Lennarz, Annika TRIUMF TBA
DNP Vorabbi, Matteo TRIUMF TBA
DNP Stevens, Justin College of William & Mary TBA
DNP/DAIP Kuchler, Florian TRIUMF TBA
DNP/DTP/PPD/DAMOPC Downie, Evangeline George Washington U. TBA
DNP/DTP/PPD/DAMOPC Gericke, Michael U. Manitoba TBA
DNP/DTP/PPD/DAMOPC Gericke, Michael University of Manitoba TBA
DNP/DTP/PPD/DAMOPC Downie, Evangeline George Washington University TBA
DNP/PPD/DTP Licciardi, Caio Laurentian U. TBA
DNP/PPD/DTP Licciardi, Caio Laurentian University
DPE Sarty, Adam J. St. Mary’s University Retrospective View of PER-informed teaching in Introductoryhysics
DPE Lewandowski, Heather University of Colorado Engaging Students in Authentic Scientific Practices in Physics Lab Courses
DPE Ahrensmeier, Daria Simon Fraser University Workshop: Preparing Your Teaching Dossier?
DPE Blyth, Robert Light Source TBA
DPE Barkanova, Svetlana Memorial University Stars for Everyone – Astronomy Outreach Doubling Physics Enrollments
DPE Hache, Alain Université de Moncton Physics of Hockey
DPE Williams, Martin Guelph U. Is Closing the Gender Gap in Physics and Engineering in Ontario possible?
DPE/CEWIP Mainhood, Lindsay Queen’s U. TBA
DPE/CEWIP Langelier, Eve Univ. Sherbrooke Gender diversity in sciences: Challenges and benefits
DPMB Parraga, Grace Western University Seeing is Believing: Imaging Physics for a Better Asthma Outcomes
DPMB Gradinaru, Claudiu University of Toronto Scaling Laws and Global Dimensions of Disordered Proteins: Single-molecule Data and Polymer Physics Theory
DPMB Després, Philippe Université Laval, CRCHU de Québec The past, present and future of X-ray Computed Tomography
DPMB Legare, Francois Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre Energie, Materiaux, et Telecommunications Interferometric Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy and applications.
DPMB Bazalova Carter, Magdalena University of Victoria CT imaging in small animal research: Have we reached the limit?
DPMB D. Beyea, Steven Dalhousie U. Automated Optimization of Dynamic MRI Data Acquisition and Reconstruction Parameters using Image Quality Metrics
DPMB Bardouille, Tim Dalhousie U. Machine Learning Applications in Functional Neuroimaging Data
DPMB Malkov, Victor  (COMP Speaker) Carleton U. Monte Carlo simulations for magnetic resonance guided radiation therapy dosimetry
DPMB Svatos, Michelle University of Wisconsin Madison Creating Research that Translates to Widespread Clinical Use
DPMB Soleymani, Leyla McMaster University Materials innovations for enhancing the limit-of-detection of biosensors
DPMB Hewitt, Kevin Dalhousie U. First demonstration of surface-enhanced stimulated Raman spectroscopy using cw sources
DPMB Hilfinger, Andreas University of Toronto Constraining complex stochastic systems in biology
DPMB  Bergevin, Christopher York University Random walkers & electrodiffusion: A primer
DPMB Kaern, Mads Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology Spontaneous development of drug resistance caused by a common gene regulatory network
DPMB/DCMMP Marquardt, Drew U. Windsor Physical properties of model membranes: From membrane asymmetry to vitamin E
DPP Marchand, Richard U. Alberta Simulation-based interpretation of Langmuir probe measurements
DPP  Xiao, Chijin Sask U. TBA
DTP Ghezelbash, Masoud Sask U. Holography for fields with different spin in rotating black holes
DTP Mann, Robert U. Waterloo Holographic Thermodynamics of Accelerating Black Holes
DTP Lütkenhaus, Norbert U. Waterloo Quantum communication with coherent states
DTP Caron-Huot, Simon McGill U. A dispersion relation for conformal theories
DTP Bonga, Beatrice Perimeter Institute Surprising consequences of a positive cosmological constant
DTP Carrington, Margaret Brandon University Renormalization of non-perturbative calculations in scalar theories
DTP Cachazo, Freddy Perimeter Institute From the Chiral Lagrangian to the EFT on a Single M5-Brane
DTP Burgess, Cliff McMaster University Gravity as an open system
DTP/DCMMP Witczak-Krempa, William University of Montreal Fingerprints of quantum states of matter using entanglement
DTP/DCMMP Tremblay, André-Marie Université de Sherbrooke Mott transition as an organizing principle for high-temperature superconductivity
DTP/DHP Halpern, Mark UBC What we have learned from the Cosmic Microwave Background
DTP/DHP Wilson-Ewing, Ed University of New Brunswick The CMB and the early universe
DTP/PPD/DNP McDonough, Evan Brown University Chiral Gravitational Waves and Baryon Superfluid Dark Matter
DTP/PPD/DNP Aleksejevs, Aleks Grenfell Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland Particle Physics at the Precision Frontier
DTP/PPD/DNP Blunden, Peter University of Manitoba Hadronic effects in parity-violating electron-proton scattering at low energies
DTP/PPD/DNP  Dick, Rainer Sask U. Status of Higgs Portal Dark Matter
PPD Yanez, Juan Pablo U. Alberta Astroparticle physics with neutrinos in Antarctica
PPD Konaka, Akira TRIUMF Status of T2K and HyperK
PPD Pachal, Kate SFU ATLAS Searches
PPD Di Sipio, Riccardo Toronto ATLAS SM+Higgs
PPD Hessey, Nigel TRIUMF ATLAS Upgrades
PPD Warburton, Andreas McGill University Belle II
PPD Oser, Scott UBC SuperCDMS/Cute
PPD Noble, Tony Queen’s U. The Status of the PICO Dark Matter Search Experiment #2111