Best Student Oral Presentation Finals Schedule

The CAP would like to formally congratulate all of the students that participated in our 2020 Virtual Congress Best Student Presentation Competition. Determining the slate of finalists was not easy.

We are pleased to announce the students who have been selected for this year’s Finals which will be held on Thursday, June 25th starting at 13h00 EDT. The competition schedule appears below.



Time slot Name and Affiliation of Student Division
13h00-13h05 Welcome and Introduction
Robert Thompson, Chief Judge
13h05 – 13h20 Aaron Bondy – University of Windsor

“Double atomic electron emission following the beta decay of He-6”

13h23 – 13h38 Daniel Durnford – University of Alberta

“The NEWS-G light Dark Matter search experiment: New results from the LSM”

13h41 – 13h56 Taylor Gray – Carleton University

“How was Dark Matter produced in the early universe? A Study of  fermionic Dark Matter with a Z’ portal”

13h59 – 14h14 Lilianna Hariasz – Queen’s University

“A Measurement of Zinc-65 Using Data from the KDK Experiment”

14h17-14h32 Alex Inayeh – Queen’s University

“Molecular-level study of N-heterocyclic carbenes for biosensing: orientation and self-assembly”

14h32 – 14h42 Stretch /  Health Break
14h42 – 14h57 Sylvia Luyben – University of Guelph

“Polyelectrolyte dynamical self-consistent field theory”

15h00 – 15h15 Rouzbeh Moderresi Yazdi – McGill University

“Direct Photons From Jets in Quark Gluon Plasma”

15h18 – 15h33 Claire Park – Robarts Research Institute / University of Western Ontario

“A novel technique for breast lesion targeting under ultrasound-guidance and positron emission mammography localization”

15h36 – 15h51 Erickson Tjoa – University of Waterloo

“Relativistic Causality and Vacuum Entanglement Harvesting with a Zero Mode”

15h51 – 15h57 Thank you and information on timing of winner announcements