Teachers’ Day (June 14, 2016)

The CAP 16th annual Physics Teachers’ Workshop which will be held on Tuesday June 14, 2016 at the University of Ottawa as part of the CAP’s 2016 Congress. This exciting and informative workshop will give our local CEGEP and high school teachers access to world experts in physics, new learning techniques, and educational resources aimed at improving the learning experience.

Canada has demonstrated that it can be a world leader in physics research, but to increase its international impact and remain competitive, innovative and productive, we need a workforce literate in science and technology and our teachers are the most effective way to accomplish this goal. This workshop provides an important link between the scientific community and our local teachers, giving visibility to local scientific success stories and supporting both formal and informal science education.

The day will feature a full roster of workshop activities and speakers, including tours of the University of Ottawa’s advanced biophysics and photonics research laboratories. Registration for this workshop is only $10 for teachers and covers parking, lunch, all materials and activities, and access to all the CAP Congress events and lectures held from June 13th – 17th. Each teacher will also receive a certificate for their participation in this event.

Final Schedule

Time Location Activity
8:15 MCD Lobby Meet and Greet, Coffee (at MCD) and Registration
8:45 MCD 146 Welcome and Introduction
9:00 MCD 146 Paul Corkum: Attosecond Science
9:30 MCD 146 Calvin Kalman: Changing Students’ Approach to Learning Physics
10:00 SITE Lobby Coffee Break
10:30 MRN 150 CAP Undergraduate Teaching Award Talk
11:00 MCD 146 Hands-on workshop by the Perimeter Institute
12:30 MRN Buffet Lunch and Physics Outreach Discussion
13:30 – 15:00 MCD 205 Hands-on undergraduate lab activities
14:30 MCD 205 Participation Certificates given out
15:00 ARC Lobby Tours of labs in the Advanced Research Complex
15:45 SITE Lobby Coffee Break
16:15 MCD 146 CAP High School Physics Teaching Award Talk (Diana Hall)
16:45 MCD 146 Trends and challenges in teaching physics: panel discussion
Extended Day Activities (Open to all Attendees)
17:15 SITE, MCD Visits to the Observatory and uOttawa Makerspace (3D Printers)
18:00 Free time for dinner at local restaurants (meal not included in fee)
19:00 – 22:00 SITE Lobby CAP Congress Poster Session, with beer (one complimentary beverage included)
19:30 – 20:00 SITE Lobby Jobs in Physics: Industry meet and mingle for teachers and students

We acknowledge the generous support of: