2017 Invited Speakers

Name Institution Talk Title Division(s)
Sheese, Patrick University of Toronto ACE-FTS satellite measurements of HCN in the upper troposphere to N2O in the lower thermosphere (DASP)
Thompson, David J. Queen’s University “Peculiarities” in Geomagnetism and Magnetotellurics (DASP)
Bajscy, Michal Waterloo University Laser-cooled atoms in fiber-integrated cavities (DAMOPC)
Beaulieu, Samuel INRS/CNRS High Harmonic Generation and XUV Free Induction Decay From Electronic Wavepackets (DAMOPC)
Das, Gautam Lakehead University TBA (DAMOPC)
Dignam, Marc Queen’s University Third Harmonic Terahertz Generation in Bilayer Graphene (DAMOPC)
Hugues, Stephen Queen’s University Coupling spin photon emitters to an anisotropic nanophotonic vacuum (DAMOPC)
Islam, Rajibul Waterloo University TBA (DAMOPC)
Na Young, Kim Waterloo University Dynamical Exciton-polaritons (DAMOPC)
Ragan, Chitra University of Windsor Quantum Control of Hybrid Atom-Plasmonic Systems (DAMOPC)
Reimer, Michael Queen’s University Nanoscale source of bright entangled photon pairs (DAMOPC)
Soo Choi, Kyung Waterloo University Building synthetic quantum systems with atoms and photons (DAMOPC)
Tittel, Wolfgang University of Calgary SuperCDMS and CUTE at SNOLAB (DAMOPC)
Vutha, Amar University of Alberta TBA (DAMOPC)
Wang, Xihua University of Alberta Micro/nanostructure engineering for light management in thin-film solar cells (DAMOPC)
Blais, Alexandre Sherbrooke University CFREF awards in Quantum Matter at the Sherbrooke University (DCMMP)
Bonn, Doug University of British Columbia Introduction to the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (DCMMP)
Buyers, Bill Chalk Rivers Laboratory TBA (DCMMP)
Chen, Jeff University of Waterloo The Physics of semiflexible polymer chains (DCMMP)
Cory, David University of Waterloo Spin Orbit States of Neutron Beams (DCMMP)
Curnoe, Stephanie Memorial University TBA (DCMMP)
Gaulin, Bruce McMaster University TBA (DCMMP)
Hawthorn, David Simon Fraser University Resonant X-Ray Scattering of Quantum Materials at the Canadian Light Source (DCMMP)
Julian, Stephen University of Toronto High Magnetic Field Measurements at Central Facilities: A Physicist Walks into a Bar and Says “Give me 100 Tesla Please…” (DCMMP)
Kim, Young Baek University of Toronto Quantum Spin Liquid in Frustrated Magnets with Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling (DCMMP)
Sonier, Jeff Simon Fraser University Condensed Matter Physics Studies with Muons at TRIUMF (DCMMP)
Vosnyy, Oleksandr University of Toronto TBA (DCMMP)
Yang, Luyi University of Toronto Long-lived Spin/Valley Dynamics of Resident Electrons and Holes in Monolayer Transition Metal Cichalcogenides (DCMMP)
Stott, Malcolm Queen’s University Queen’s Physics (DHP)
Quigg, Chris Fermilab J. D. Jackson, Physicist, Teacher, Citizen (DHP)
Archambault, Louis Université Laval Applied physics in the clinic: monitoring radiation doses delivered to cancer patients (DIAP)
Cluff, Daniel; Naeem, Syed, and Luoma, Seffon CanMIND Associates Physics in Mining, A Career Perspective (DIAP)
Cluff, Daniel CanMIND Associates The Implications of Introducing Cryogenic Technologies to Mining Projects (DIAP)
Laberge, Michel General Fusion, Burnaby Tokamak compression experiments at General Fusion (DIAP)
Radchenko, Valery TRIUMF Alpha emitters for cancer therapy (DIAP)
Boudoux, Caroline Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Double-Clad Fiber Couplers – From Laboratory to Market (DPMB)
Desjardins, Michèle University of California, San Diego Shedding light on the brain: multimodal imaging from two-photon microscopy to fMRI-BOLD (DPMB)
Fortin, Marc-André Université Laval Gold Nanoparticles for advanced Prostate Cancer Brachytherapy (DPMB)
Fradin, Cécile McMaster University TBA (DPMB)
Jankowski, Hanna York University Bayesian songbird flightpath recovery in the presence of errors (DPMB)
Ren, Caroline University of Waterloo Droplet Microfluidics for High Throughput Screening – Fundamentals and Applications (DPMB)
Ryu, William University of Toronto Leveraging low dimensionality and stereotypy in the study of C. elegans behavior (DPMB)
Schreiner, John Queen’s University Physics in Radiation Therapy: How the clinic influences research and research advances the clinic (DPMB)
Slater, Gary W. University of Ottawa Polymer translocation: some surprising physics learned from Molecular Dynamics Simulations (DPMB)
Ali, Faud University of Guelph Shape coexistence in the proton-unbound nucleus 177Au (DNP)
Atar, Leyla University of Guelph Quasi-free One-Proton Knockout Reactions on the Oxygen Isotopic Chain (DNP)
Behr, John TRIUMF Beta decay correlations with laser-trapped 37K in the LHC era (DNP)
Chen, Alan McMaster University Nova nucleosynthesis from phosphorus to the endpoint

Cote, Benoit University of Victoria Connecting Nuclear Astrophysics to Cosmological Structure Formation

Ford, Richard SNOLAB SNO+ Experiment: Commissioning and status

Franke, Beatrice TRIUMF The new ultracold neutron facility at TRIUMF

Gornea, Razvan Carleton University Next-generation neutrino-less double beta decay search with Lxe

Lewis Randy York University Lattice QCD results for doubly heavy tetraquarks

Sharma, Kumar University of Manitoba The determination of the masses of neutron-rich nuclides using the CPT mass spectrometer at CARIBU

Whitmore, Kenneth Simon Fraser University Recent Results in Decay Spectroscopy with GRIFFIN (DNP)
Guay, Jean-Michel University of Ottawa Painting without paint via laser-induced plasmonic nanostructuring (DPP)
Webster, Paul Laser Depth Dynamics TBA (DPP)
Bond, Richard Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics The Inflation Phenomenology of Primordial Phonons, Gravitons, Isocons, and Dilatons with the CMB and LSS, past, present and Future (DTP)
Buchel, Alex Western University and Perimeter Institute Out of equilibrium dynamics of gauge theories from holography (DTP)
Curnoe, Stephanie Memorial University of Newfoundland Aristoropic exchange interactions in pyrochiore magnets (DTP)
Dasgupta, Arundhati University of Lethbridge Entropy in Quantum Gravity (DTP)
Erler, Jens The National Autonomous University of Mexico Electroweak Precision Measurements (DTP)
Faraoni, Valerio Bishop University Foliation dependence of black hole apparent horizons in spherical symmetry (DTP)
Ghose, Shohini Wilfred Laurier University Self-assisted complete maximally hyperentangled state analysis via the cross-Kerr nonlinearity (DTP)
Marzlin, Karl-Peter St. Francis Xavier University Causal pertubation theory in quantum optics (DTP)
Sandapen, Ruben Acadia University The holographic Schrodinger equation (DTP)
Bellerive, Alain Carleton University Higgs boson physics with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC (PPD)
Ducu, Otilia Universite de Montreal ATLAS Searches (SUSY+Exotics) (PPD)
Gerbier, Gilles Queens University Status of NEWS-G experiment (PPD)
Giroux, Guillaume Queen’s University Searching for dark matter with the PICO bubble chambers (PPD)
Kuwertz, Emma University of Victoria Operation & Performance of the ATLAS Detector (PPD)
Lindner, Thomas TRIUMF Status and Prospects of the T2K Experiment (PPD)
Rau, Wolfgang Queens University Status of SuperCDMS/Cute (PPD)
Robertson, Steven McGill University Status of the Belle II experiment (PPD)
Trigger, Isabel TRIUMF Upgrading the ATLAS detector for a long and luminous career (PPD)
Yan, Luyi University of Toronto Pump-probe studies of condensed matter (DCMMP-DAMOPC)