2015 CAP University Prize Exam Results

The 2015 Examination was coordinated by the Department of Physics at the University of Manitoba and was held on February 3rd, 2015. The examination was written by 65 students from 17 universities.

Top ten

Place – Name, University

1st – Chao Wang, University of Toronto (cash prize + trip to 2015 CAP Congress)

2nd – Sean Ridout, McMaster University (cash prize)

2nd – Étienne Lantagne-Hurtubise, Université de Montréal (cash prize)

2nd – Simon Blouin, Université de Montréal (cash prize)

5th – Matthew Quenneville, Simon Fraser University

6th – Alan Morningstar, McMaster University

7th – Ramanjit Sohal, University of Toronto

8th – Oguzhan Can, University of Toronto

9th – Jeremy Li, University of Toronto

10th – Alexander Grindal, Queen’s University

Top at University

University, Name

McGill University, Maximilian Krogius

McMaster University, Sean Ridout

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Tyler Downey

Queen’s University, Alexander Grindal

Simon Fraser University, Matthew Quenneville

Trent University, Eamonn Corrigan

Université de Montréal, Étienne Lantagne-Hurtubise and Simon Blouin (tie)

Université de Sherbrooke, Charles-David Hébert

Université Laval, Maxime Trépanier

University of British Columbia, Hon Ka Hui

University of British Columbia Okanagan, Matthew Basso

University of Calgary, Rashad Bayramov

University of Ottawa, Curtis Toupin

University of Toronto, Chao Wang

University of Victoria, Matthew Griffiths

University of Waterloo, Shouzhen Gu

University of Winnipeg, Allison Kolly