The professional certification program was strongly supported by CAP members and was approved at the 1997 AGM. The program grants applicants, who meet the requirements described below, the right to use the federally-trademarked designation “Professional Physicist” or “P. Phys.” The parallel French-language version of the designation, “phys”, was introduced shortly thereafter. The “Professional Physicist” designation certifies that the holder has met a set of academic and professional requirements established by CAP, and that he or she upholds CAP’s code of professional ethics and conduct. It is not essential that physicists have the P. Phys designation in order to practice physics. However, CAP anticipates that the designation will become a de facto professional standard held in high regard by physicists. The designation gives employers and the public improved assurance of competence, and enhances the holders’ professional credibility.

Successful applicants will receive a Certificate suitable for framing. They will also be offered the opportunity to purchase a license stamp which shows the PPhys logo with their name and licence number.

The CAP is pleased to offer a professional certification program for its members. All CAP members who meet (or will shortly meet) the criteria, including graduate students, are invited to apply. Undergraduate students (in fourth year physics or closely related programs), graduate students, and recently graduated physicists who do not yet qualify for exemption from the PPE are encouraged to write the Professional Certification exam. They can then gain certification once they have completed the other requirements. The exam will be offered annually in the latter part of January in physics departments across the country.

CAP members interested in applying for certification should review the specific information contained in this site using the links on the left hand side of the page before completing the application form found in the “Application Process and Forms” page.