Fellows Program

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CAP Fellows Program

The CAP Fellowship Program recognizes members of the CAP who have made significant contributions to the Canadian physics community. The program was launched in 2022 when inaugural fellowships were awarded to Art McDonald and Donna Strickland. The yearly target for new FCAP appointments is 1% of the full membership of the CAP, including Full, Joint, and Foreign memberships, where the full complement should not exceed 10% of the full membership.

Candidates are required to demonstrate significant contributions in two of the following four categories:

  • service to the CAP or the Canadian physics community, including physics outreach.
  • a demonstrated body of work showing noteworthy contributions to physics research and development while working in Canada,
  • a demonstrated body of work showing significant contributions to the professional practice of physics, applied and private sector physics, and
  • educational activities and/or mentorship, particularly training of physics HQP.

Members awarded this distinction will use the designation of FCAP or FACP.  

For further information about the criteria and procedures associated with this program, please use the following links:

Fellows Eligibility Requirements and Evaluation Criteria
Nomination Procedures
Program Details

Know a worthy candidate for this award?

Click below to go to the recognitions nomination system. Any questions regarding the nomination process should be sent to programs@cap.ca

The next Fellows will be

appointed in 2024.

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2023 Appointees

J. Richard Bond | CITA, University of Toronto
Gordon W. F. Drake | University of Windsor
Giovanni Fanchini | Western University
Charles Gale | McGill University
Graeme Luke | McMaster University
Richard MacKenzie | Université de Montréal
Kenneth Ragan | McGill University
Mark Sutton | McGill University
Michael Thewalt | Simon Fraser University

Nominations are confidential to the CAP.  Each nomination file is valid for three years, but must, on an annual basis, be reviewed, and if appropriate updated (e.g. c.v.), to remain active. 

Nomination packages may be submitted in either English or French.  The CAP is committed to ensuring that applications submitted in either official language are treated equitably.

Anyone who needs assistance in submitting a nomination can contact the CAP office at programs@cap.ca.