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NOTE: Our current job advertisement system is being upgraded. Please fill out and submit the appropriate form below. 

We appreciate your interest in posting an advertisement on the CAP’s website. You can submit advertisements in one language, or in both official languages. Our online application process allows you to define exactly when you want the advertisement to start appearing on our website, and when you want it to be taken off.

The minimum billable period is one month (advertising in PiC includes two months on the web). Please note that we request all ads to be submitted in PDF format.

For questions and concerns regarding your ad and/or the website, please contact Brooklyn at For questions regarding your account or invoicing, please contact Paola at


Job Categories:

Undergraduate or Graduate Opening
Positions for students while they are undergraduate or graduate students

Post-doctoral Fellowships
Positions for individuals within 1-4 years of graduation, generally under the mentorship of an experienced researcher

Research Assistant/Associate
Positions for individuals within 1-4 years of graduation, for the purpose of assisting in research

Early Career
Positions for individuals within 1-4 years of graduation that do fall under the previous two categories

Positions within an academic institution such as teaching opportunities, dean positions, etc.

Any other positions that do fall into any of the previous categories; this generally applies to private institutions with positions not intended for fellowships, research assistance, or early career


Difference between unilingual and bilingual postings: 

By opting to submit a unilingual posting, you are intending for your advertisement to be posted in only one of our official languages – French or English. This applies to the advertisement title, description and attached PDF.

By opting to submit a bilingual posting, you are intended for your advertisement to be posted in both of our official languages – French and English. This would mean that the advertisement title, description and attached PDF are posted in both languages.

These options only apply to how your advertisement will appear in the CAP Job Board.
Language requirements for the respective position should not influence which option you choose.



  • Ads should be submitted a minimum of 3 business days prior to the requested publish date
  • An invoice will be sent to the email provided in your submission form
  • Advertisements will be posted complimentary for a maximum of 5 business days before payment has been received, after this your advertisement will be removed until payment is received
  • For concerns related to invoicing, you can contact Paola at
  • You may view the Web Advertisement Pricing here
  • Please email Brooklyn at if your position is filled prior to the expiration date of your posting




Special Services

  • Advertising in the journal of the Canadian Association of Physicists, called Physics in Canada, includes the posting of your advertisement on our employment listing service for a period of 2 months (12 months for a One-Year Contract). (see PiC pricing)
  • The CAP also offers the service of sending, by email, a copy of your advertisement to all individuals listed in the Directory of Women Physicists. The cost for this service is $35.