2021 Virtual Lecture Tour

Click here for the schedule of the speakers and full details about the speakers and their talks.

The 2021 CAP Lecture Tour is an influential and energizing event for undergraduate students in physics departments across Canada. The Tour features presentations that span a wide range of current topics in physics.

This year, the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Undergraduate Lectures will be offered in a virtual format from February 8th to March 20th (one talk per week). Six physicists from across the country have been chosen to present their lecture, following a selection process based on input from undergraduate students from CAP member departments.

The talks will be streamed live to CAP’s YouTube channel (CAPhys) in order to ensure easy access to all. They will be presented in either English or French, with subtitles in the other language.

While the talks are designed for undergraduate students, the sessions are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions, both before and during each talk.



Each speaker will present once to undergraduates across the country in an online format. A call for speaker nomination was issued on November 18th, 2020; nominations should be submitted to the CAP Office by Friday 11th December. A list of speakers will be developed with input from undergraduates across the country. Once the speakers are confirmed, the lecture dates are finalized and posted on the website.

To meet the tour’s objective of enhancing the visibility of the CAP and of promoting student memberships, it is essential that all speakers be willing to act as ambassadors for the association. A brief set of slides introducing the CAP and the Lecture Tour sponsors will be provided to each speaker for presentation during the introduction to their lecture. Department and institutional members are requested to promote the lecture to their students..

The planning milestones for the 2021 CAP Lecture Tour are as follows:


  • November 18: Call to CAP members for speaker nominations (full name, affiliation, e-mail, short bio, presentation title and abstract required to be submitted on provided excel sheet)
  • December 11: Deadline for speaker nominations
  • December 18: List of speakers and abstracts available on the Web. Invitation to CAP member departments to review the speaker list and submit the students’ top 3 choices to the National Coordinator.


  • January 14: Poll Link sent to universities for submission of top 3 speaker choices
  • January 21, 17:00 EST: Deadline for CAP member departments to submit the students’ top 3 choices through poll link to the National Coordinator
  • January 22: National organizing committee meets to make final selection
  • January 25: National Coordinator confirms accepted speaker schedules
  • January 29: Deadline for speakers to confirm their participation
  • February 05: Lecture dates are posted on the website when finalized
  • February – April: The CAP Lecture Tour takes place at participating departments