Membership Committee

About Us:

The CAP Membership and Affiliateship Committee is Chaired by the CAP Director – Member and Affiliate Services and is comprised of the Director – Academic Affairs, the Councillor representing Corporate Members, the Councillor representing Student Affiliates, Councillor representing Graduate Student Members, and the Council representing High School/CEGEP/College Teachers.

The Committee serves primarily

      • to enhance and advertise the benefits of CAP membership/affiliateship to all of its members and affiliates.
      • to continually renew, increase, and invigorate its membership/affiliateship.
      • to advise the Council and the Board on policies and issues pertaining to membership/affiliateship.

Our Mandate:

              • To advise the CAP administration on questions pertaining to membership/affiliateship applications;
              • To organize recruiting activities to increase CAP membership/affiliateship;
              • To identify new benefits that the CAP can provide to current members/affiliates;
              • To identify and implement new activities that can increase member/affiliate participation in CAP activities;
              • To increase collaborative activities between the various classes of members/affiliates;
              • To organize the annual “Friends of CAP” meeting during the Congress as a venue for receiving direct input from academic departments across the country;
              • To advocate for the interests of members/affiliates at Board and Council meetings.


        • Dr. Steve Rehse, University of Windsor (Chair)
        • Dr. Donna Strickland, University of Waterloo
        • Dr. Ian D’Souza, COM DEV International
        • Mr. Waqar Muhammad, Carleton University
        • Dr. Christopher Pugh, University of Waterloo
        • Mr. Richard Taylor, Ottawa-Carleton School Board
        • Mrs. Chantal Ethève-Meek, CAP Membership Manager