Professional Certification Committee

About Us:

The P.Phys. Certification committee is the oversight body entrusted with managing the CAP’s P.Phys professional designation and certification program. The “Professional Physicist” designation certifies that the holder has met a set of academic and professional requirements established by CAP, and that he or she upholds CAP’s code of professional ethics and conduct.

Our Mandate:

  • To manage and oversee the process of P.Phys. Certification.
  • To evaluate applications for P.Phys. in accordance with the standards and requirements approved by the CAP Board.
  • To set, grade and recommend the pass rate for the Professional Practice Exam (PPE) exam in accordance with standards that have been approved by the CAP Executive.
  • To identify and recommend (as needed) what Continuous Professional Development (CPD) may be required by members to ensure that they can meet the current and future requirements of P.Phys. certification.
  • To make recommendations as to the standards of Education and Professional Experience required to sit the PPE and for obtaining P.Phys. certification.
  • To recommend changes to the PPE and P.Phys. review process to enhance the standing and integrity of the P.Phys. certification and to ensure that it meets the current and future needs of the CAP.
  • Members will be expected to set (and mark) one question in the PPE exam and evaluate P.Phys applications and renewals.
  • Members must agree to maintain the confidentiality of the PPE examination and certification process.

Professional Certification Committee Activities and Resources


  • Jean Marc Noël, Royal Military College, Inc. (Chair)
  • James Chow, Princess Margaret Cancer Center
  • Daniel Cluff, CAP Director of Professional Affairs
  • Shashi Pathak, Director, NIE and Vice Chair, Education Council AWMA, Pittsburgh, USA
  • René Roy, Laval University
  • Michael Steinitz, St. Francis Xavier University
  • John Walmsley, StarFish Medical
  • Zin Tun, TVB Associates Inc.
  • Francine Ford, CAP Executive Director (Ex-officio)