Canadian National IUPAP Liaison Committee

About Us:

The Canadian National IUPAP Liaison Committee (CNILC) is the Canadian national committee that acts as the liaison with the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). The CNILC is chaired by the CAP’s Director of International Affairs and includes the CNILC Secretary, an observer from the international adhering body to IUPAP (NRC), and five CAP members representing various subdisciplines of physics. Canadian IUPAP Commission members are ex-officio members of the CNILC. CAP representatives are appointed for a period of three years, with one or two members being replaced each year.

Our Mandate:

  • Assist in the worldwide development of physics, foster international cooperation in physics, and to help in the application of physics towards solving problems of concern to humanity.
  • Sponsor 20 to 30 international conferences and awards grants yearly
  • Solicit nominations for the IUPAP Young Scientists Prizes.

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CNILC Members:

Name Section Description E-mail Affiliation
Ania Kwiatkowski C2 Commission on Symbols, Units, Nomenclature, Atomic Masses and Fundamental Constants TRIUMF
Andy Sachrajda C8 Commission on Semiconductors NRC
Can-Ming Hu C9 Commission on Magnetism University of Manitoba
Graeme Luke C10 Commission on Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter McMaster
Brigitte Vachon C11 Commission on Particles and Fields McGill
Iris Dillman C12 Commission on Nuclear Physics TRIUMF
Michael Steinitz C13 Commission on Physics for Development STFX
Tetyana Antimirova C14 Commission on Physics Education Ryerson
Robert Fedosejevs C16 Commission on Plasma Physics University of Alberta
Tsuneyuki Ozaki C17 Commission on Laser Physics and Photonics – CHAIR INRS
Manu Paranjape C18 Commission on Mathematical Physics U de Montreal


CAP Representatives:

Section Representative Start End
General Physics Andre Staudte 2017 2023
Condensed Matter, Statistical and Mesoscopic Physics Michael Steinitz 2016 2019
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Manu Paranjape 2017 2020
Subatomic Physics and Astrophysics Oliver Stelzer-Chilton 2019 2021
Medical and Biological Physics Monica Stachura 2020 2023
Education and Development Tetyana Antimirova 2019 2021


Canadian Representation on IUPAP Committees & Working Groups:

Name Affiliation Function IUPAP Committee Start End
M. Roney Member WG1: International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) 2014 2022
Tsuneyuki Ozaki INRS Member WG7: International Committee on Ultrahigh Intensity Lasers (ICUIL) Ongoing
Willem T.H. van Oers TRIUMF Secretary WG9: Working Group on International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics (ICNP) 2019 2020
Jonathan Bagger TRIUMF Member WG9: Working Group on International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics (ICNP) 2019 2020
Nigel Smith SNOLAB Member WG9: Working Group on International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics (ICNP) 2019 2020
Harold Parks NRC Member WG13: Newtonian Constant of Gravitation Ongoing
Eugenia Kumacheva U of Toronto Member WG15: Soft Matter Ongoing


Nominating CNILC Members:

Nominations are invited each year to replace those CAP representatives whose term is ending during the upcoming year. Nominees should represent the same subdiscipline of physics as the representative whose term is ending.

Formal letters of nomination that include the nominee’s curriculum vitae and a brief description of the nominee’s involvement in international activities, should be sent to the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Physicists, 555 King Edward Avenue, 3rd Floor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1N 7N5,, by November 30th.