2023 Virtual AGM

The 2023 CAP AGM will be held as a virtual meeting on Thursday, June 29 from 12:00 – 14:00 EDT.  Please mark this important date on your calendars and plan to attend! 

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AGM AGENDA – June 29, 12h00-14h00 EDT

  1. Call to Order, Establishment of Quorum, and Approval of the Agenda (B. Frisken)
  2. Report of the Nominating Committee and brief explanation of Timing and Procedure for Election of Board of Directors / Welcome to incoming Division Chairs (M. Paranjape)
    NOTE: Voting window, accessed via member services login (12:15-13:00 EDT)

    Click here for the 2023 Slate of Nominations

  3. Approval of Minutes of the June 17, 2022 CAP Virtual Annual General Meeting (B. Frisken)

    Click here to read the 2022 AGM Minutes

  4. Annual Reports
    1. Presidential Update (B. Frisken)
    2. Report on 2023 Congress Outcome (W. Whelan)
    3. Financial Update (C. Kraus)
    4. New Schedule for Awards, Scholarships and Medals (B. Frisken)
    5. Update on Implementation of Issues Raised in EDI report (W. Whelan)
    6. Preliminary Planning for Congress 2024 at Western (2024 LOC)
  5. Future Congresses
    1. 2025 Congress at University of Saskatchewan (F. Ford/2025 LOC)
    2. Call for Hosts of 2026 Congress and Beyond
  6. New Business
    1. Report on the 2023 CUPC to be held at U. Waterloo (2023 CUPC LOC)
    2. Report from the SAC (SAC Co-Chairs)
    3. Report from the Editor of PiC-PaC (B. Joos)
    4. Report from the Chair of the CAP Foundation (M. Roney)
  7. Results of the Board Election (F. Ford)
  8. Vote of Thanks and Passing of Chair (B. Frisken/W. Whelan)
  9.   Date and Place of Next Meeting (W. Whelan)
  10.   Adjournment