PPD Student Prizes

The Particle Physics Division (PPD) awards prizes to PPD students for participation during the congress:

  • 200$ from 1st winner of the best PPD presentation.
  • 100$ from 2nd winner of the best PPD presentation.
  • 200$ for the winner of the best PPD poster.

The competition results are usually revealed towards the end of the congress at the PPD business meeting and are in any case posted on the website. There is no division poster prize if the number of entries is too low.

Year Location Best Presentation(s) Best Poster
2016 Ottawa Jennifer Mauel (Queen’s) 2nd CAP overall!

Chanpreet Amole (Queen’s)

Paul Smith (Saskatchewan)

Alexandre Le Blanc (Laurentian) 3rd CAP overall!
2015 Edmonton Logan Sibley (Alberta)

Tristan Sullivan (TRIUMF)

2014 Sudbury Corina Nantais (UBC)

William Page (UBC)

Elise Gai (Waterloo)
2013 Montréal Merlin Davies (Montréal)

Anezka Kolazeke (Regina)

2012 Calgary Tina Pollmann (Queen’s)

Corina Nantais (Queen’s)

Tina Pollmann (Queen’s)
2011 St-John’s Simon Viel (UBC/TRIUMF)

Erin O’Sullivan (Queen’s)

2010 Toronto Marie-Cécile Piro (Montréal)

Dana Lindermann (McGill)

Joseph Fox (Queen’s)
2009 Moncton Adrian Buzatu (McGill)

Simon Archambault (Montréal)

Marie-Cécile Piro (Montréal)
2008 Laval Jenn Godfrey (SFU)

R. MacLellan (unavailable)

2007 Saskatoon Kyle Fransham (Victoria)

Ian Nugen (Victoria)

2006 St. Catharines M.-H. Genest (Montréal)
2005 Vancouver Oliver Stelzer-Chilton (Toronto)
2004 Winnipeg Louise Heelan (Carleton)
2003 Charlottetown Ian Vollrath (Toronto)