Advertising in PiC

The Canadian Association of Physicists is the only Canadian organization of physicists and the majority of Canadian physicists in industry, university and government laboratories are members of the Association and receive this journal. Including subscribers, circulation is over 1800 copies per regular issue, with higher circulation for Congress and theme issues.

The minimum billable period is one month. Advertising in the PiC also includes two months on the web. Please note that we request all ads to be submitted in pdf format. If the pdf is not sized to specifications, and saved in high resolution format with embedded fonts (camera-ready), you will need to submit the source file (.wpd or .doc) as well.

Special Services

  • Typesetting and art time extra ($40)
  • Advertising in the journal of the Canadian Association of Physicists, called Physics in Canada, includes the posting of your advertisement on our employment listing service for a period of 3 months (12 months for a One-Year Contract). (see web pricing)
  • The CAP also offers the service of sending, by email, a copy of your advertisement to all individuals listed in the Directory of Women Physicists. The cost for this service is $35.

Other Notes

  • Deadline for copy – 1 month prior to issue date.
  • Published: Jan.-Mar. / Apr.-June / July-Sept. / Oct.-Dec.
  • Issue is normally received by all members/subscribers between the 15th and the 30th of the third month of issue
  • All advertising contracts and copy subject to editorial approval.