Canadian Undergraduate Physics Journal (CUPJ)

The CUPJ ceased publication in 2010. At this time, we are not aware of any planned reactivation date. Until such time as the CUPJ is reactivated, we have been pointed to the JSST (Journal of Student Science and Technology) as an alternative target journal.

The Canadian Undergraduate Physics Journal (CUPJ) began as an initiative of a group of undergraduate students from across the country to promote physics research and education nationwide. CUPJ constantly strives to accomplish the following aims:

  • To recognize and document undergraduate student research;
  • To promote an early understanding of the process of refereed scientific publication;
  • To stimulate an interest in all areas of physics and astronomy;
  • To provide a forum for discussion of issues significant to undergraduate physics students;
  • To raise awareness of the latest, cutting edge developments in physics.

CUPJ is published three times a year and features submissions written by undergraduate or recently graduated students in both English and French, both in a paper and an on-line format. In addition to research articles refereed by volunteer graduate students and professors, the Journal also includes a section devoted to features, reviews, news, and commentaries relevant to students. With a circulation of 3000, CUPJ is distributed free of charge to all educational institutions that offer an undergraduate physics program in Canada, and subscriptions are available to individuals and other organizations.