Celebrating Black in Canadian Physics – Meet Tim Bardouille

Physics students (full or part-time), and anyone who holds a physics degree working in Canada, who self identify as Black, African Canadian, African Nova Scotian, or of Black/African descent are invited to talk with a panel of Canadian physics faculty and postdocs, during the CAP’s Black in Canadian Physics networking meeting which will be held on Friday, October 30, 2020 from 14h00-15h00 EDT.

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Tim Bardouille, PhD

Medical Physicist
Dalhousie University


Tim Bardouille is a medical physicist and assistant professor with Dalhousie’s Department of Physics and Atmospheric Sciences.

An early fascination with technology and philosophy sparked his desire to study physics. When he learned about medical physics — a field focused on the role physics can play when applied in health and medicine to diagnose and treat patients — he pursued it as a career path.

After working in industry for a few years, Dr. Bardouille went back to school to get his PhD and worked towards shifting to a research career.

Today his research in Dal’s Biosignal Lab explores how to capture and analyze imaging data on the brain activity associated with disorders of the motor system, with a goal of creating technology that helps improve patient outcomes.

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