Symposia Day – Tues, June 9

The Program Committee has decided to establish a series of one-day symposia on Tuesday, June 9th.  Abstracts may be submitted for consideration for these symposia (deadline March 1, 2020).  Organizers reserve the right to pass any abstracts that cannot be accommodated within the symposium to the Chair of the appropriate Division for consideration as a contributed abstract in another session during Congress.


Neutrino & Beyond PPD
Marie-Cécile Piro
   University of Alberta
Matthias Danninger
Cosmology: Celebrating 2019 Nobel Prize to Peebles DTP
Mark Walton
   University of Lethbridge
Niayesh Afshordi
   Perimeter Institute
Quantum Information and Technology with atoms, molecules and photons DTP/DAMOPC
Mark Walton
   University of Lethbridge
Karl-Peter Marzlin
   St. Francis Xavier University
Origins of Life & Astrobiology DPMB
Emily Heath
   Carleton University
Professional, Industrial, and Applied Physics

(Considering a career outside of academia?  Click here for a description of the full Congress planning related to this topic)

DAPI + Industrial/Professional Affairs
Ian D’Souza
   Honeywell Aerospace
Steffon Luoma
Daniel Cluff
   CEO, CanMIND Associates
Kari Dalnoki-Veress
McMaster University
Soft & Condensed Matter DCMMP
Michel Gingras
   University of Waterloo
Kari Dalnoki-Veress
   McMaster University
Plasma Physics DPP
Lenaic Coudel
   University of Saskatchewan