Message from the President

The Canadian Association of Physicists is in a time of change.  Under the able leadership of Richard MacKenzie, we have seen significant improvements to the CAP Website and to how we communicate with our members and the community at large.  I trust that you are pleased with the changes, and I would like to thank Marcello Pavan our Director of Communications, Francine Ford, Chantal Éthève-Meek, Ann-Marie Robertson, and Gina Grosenick for all their work in this regard.  This year will see further website design, the selection and implementation of a new Association Management (CRM) System, which will help us provide improved services to our members, and a continued review and improvement of our communication policies and practices.  The following achievements and activities should also be recognised

Science Policy (Kris Poduska)

  • CAP input was provided in a federal pre-budget submission and to the Fundamental Science Review and Innovation Agenda.
  • A successful Joint Science Policy / CAP-NSERC Liaison Committee Town Hall meeting was held at the 2017 CAP Congress to promote engagement in science policy among CAP members.

Member and Affiliate Services (Steven Rehse)

  • Created a new membership category for high school/CEGEP teachers
  • Developed material that promotes the benefits of CAP membership and encourages undergraduate students to join the CAP.

International Affairs (Jens Dilling)

  • Increase in international activity driven somewhat by new USA policies that impact the travel of international scientists.
  • investigating ways in which the CAP can become more engaged with international organizations such as the APS, the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (DOE) and the Asia Pacific Centre for Theoretical Physics.

Professional Affairs (Mike O’Neil)

  • Improvements to the P.Phys. Professional Practice Exam and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.
  • Physics in Canada issue on “Professionalism in Physics”
  • Impact of the recent changes to the Ontario Environmental Protection Act is being monitored.

Student Affairs (Corina Andreoiu)

  • Support provided to the 2016 Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC) and 2017 Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CCUWiP)
  • Support being provided for the upcoming Canadian-American-Mexican Graduate Student Conference in Physics (CAM) in August, the 2017 CUPC meeting in Ottawa in October and the 2018 CCUWiP conference in January

The CAP has many challenges.  If we are to thrive as an organization, we need to increase the size of our membership.  To do this the CAP must become nimbler and needs to provide greater value to our members. We also have to improve our governance model and ensure that all members of our community feel that the CAP is a welcoming scientific home.  All Board Directors have goals for 2017/18 that we anticipate will help us improve in these areas and I look forward to receiving your input as to where you have seen improvements and how we can do even better.  You will note that I have a new email address which will ensure that your messages do not get lost in the rest of my communications.  Please use it to let us know what is working and what is not.

Finally, four of our Board Members, Adam Sarty (Past President), David Lockwood (Secretary/Treasurer), Mike O’Neil (Director of Professional Affairs), and Jens Dilling (Director of International Affairs), reached the end of their terms at the June 2017 Congress.  I would like to express thanks to them, on behalf of the entire Board, for their valued contributions over many years, both as Board Members and in their specific executive and portfolio roles.  Their roles are being filled by Gordon Drake (Secretary/Treasurer), Daniel Cluff (Director of Professional Affairs), and Rita Kanungo (Director of International Affairs).  Shohini Ghose has joined the Board as Vice-President Elect.  I hope you will join me in welcoming them as new Board Members, thanking them for their commitment to the Association, and will be prepared, when approached by them and others on the Board, to play an active role in creating the CAP of the future.

Enjoy the balance of your summer.

Stephen Pistorius