Canadian physicist Paul Corkum is recipient of the highest medal awarded by the UK Institute of Physics

CorkumThe CAP is delighted to congratulate Paul Corkum on being awarded the highest accolade possible from the UK Institute of Physics – the Isaac Newton Medal and Prize. Professor Corkum, a physicist at the University of Ottawa and the National Research Council of Canada, and long-time member of the CAP, is the first Canadian citizen to receive this award.

Paul Corkum was awarded the prize for his outstanding contributions to experimental physics and to attosecond science “from the femtosecond scale of the motion of atoms within molecules, to the ultimate attosecond scale of the motion of electrons within atoms – and for pioneering work which has led to the first-ever experimental image of a molecular orbital and the first-ever space–time image of an attosecond pulse”. Dr. Corkum explains some of the work for which he was awarded the Isaac Newton Medal and Prize in a Q&A on the IOP’s blog.

The Isaac Newton Medal attracts a prize of £1000 and is the only one of the IOP’s awards that is open to an international field. In addition to the cash prize and certificate, the recipient is invited to give a lecture at the Institute in London.

For more information, see the July 11, 2018 IoP News.

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