DTP Prizes and Awards

In April each year, the Division of Theoretical Physics (DTP) and the Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics (WITP) will award one DTP/WITP P.R. Wallace Thesis Prize to a student receiving a PhD degree in Physics from a Canadian University.

The thesis must be in theoretical physics and completed (final version) less than 2 years before the submission deadline of 15 January of the Prize year. The DTP/WITP P.R. Wallace Prize winner must be a member of the CAP and the DTP when the Prize is presented, at the annual Theory CANADA conference, in late May or early June.

Please visit our Thesis Prize Guidelines and Application page for rules and submission requirements. Alternatively, check out the DTP website here.

2020 Thesis Prize Winners:

Dr. Job Feldbrugge (University of Waterloo)

“Path Integrals in the Sky – Classical and Quantum Problems with Minimal Assumptions”


Year Recipient(s) Thesis
2019 Robie Hennigar, University of Waterloo

Evan McDonough, McGill University

2018 Philippe Landry (PhD University of Guelph, 2016) Tidal Response of a Rotating Neutron Star in General Relativity.
2017 No competition held.
2016 Vincent Genest (PhD Université de Montréal 2015) Algebraic Structures, Super-Integrable systems and Orthogonal Polynomials”
2015 Soloman Akaranka Owerre (Ph.D. Université de Montréal 2014) Études de l’effet tunnel des spins quantiques macroscopiques” (Studies of the tunnel effect of macroscopic quantum spins).