2020 Speaker Selection List


Bélanger-Champagne, Camille – TRIUMF

“Qu’arrive-t-il aux composantes électroniques dans les champs de radiation (plus ou moins) extrêmes?”

Belanger-Champagne, Camille – TRIUMF

“Electronics in extreme (and less extreme!) radiation environments”

Bergevin, Christopher – York University

“Exploring the Mysteries of Tuvan Throat Singing”

Deconinck, Wouter – University of Manitoba

“From physics lab to start-up: how innovation & entrepreneurship experiences will improve your prospects for every career path!”

Dhirani, Al-Amin – University of Toronto

“”Nanostructures – building blocks for designer materials exhibiting exotic quantum behaviour””

Fanchini, Giovanni – University of Western Ontario

“Bandits in scientific territory: on the history of near-field optical microscopy, and how it affects the way we design light-harvesting devices and solar cells”

Forde, Nancy – Simon Fraser University

“”Building responsive materials: lessons from biology””

Hallas, Alannah – University of British Columbia (UBC)

“Under pressure! From the Instant Pot to synthesis of quantum materials at 250,000 atmospheres.”

Holt, Jason D. – TRIUMF

“Exploring new physics with nuclei”

James, Daniel F. V. – University of Toronto

“Quantum Science and Technology in Canada and beyond”

Kwiatkowski, Ania – TRIUMF

“TITAN: Ion traps for nuclear and atomic experiments”

MacDonald, Allison – D-Wave Systems

“Quantum computing, quantum annealing and quantum simulation”

Moore, Kent – University of Toronto Mississauga

“Taking the Earth’s temperature: The Physics of Climate Change “

Piro, Marie-Cécile – University of Alberta / McDonald Institute

“Dark matter: The hunt for the unknown”

Poduska, Kris – Memorial University of Newfoundland

“How physics help to simulate a search for life on Mars”

Radchenko, Valery – TRIUMF

“Modern Al(radio)chemistry to cure cancer”

Sivakoff, Gregory R. – University of Alberta

“Winds of Change around Black Holes”

Slater, Gary – University of Ottawa

“Who told you that diffusion was a dead field of investigation? Diffusing diffusivity, anomalous diffusion, aging and other surprises.”

Slater, Gary – Université d’Ottawa

“Qui vous a fait croire que la diffusion était un sujet de recherche dépassé? Diffusion diffusive, diffusion anormale, vieillissement et autres surprises.”

Slepkov, Aaron – Trent University

“Microwave grape plasma and the shape of water”

Tahani, Kianoosh – Kwantlen Polytechnic University

“How Characterizing Star Forming Clumps in the Galaxy Crossovers into Big Data Handling: A Comparison of JCMT and Herschel Observations”

Yáñez Garza, Juan Pablo – University of Alberta

“Spying on neutrino’s secret lives with large-scale underground detectors”

Zhang, Yue – Carleton University

“How to Discover Dark Matter (again)”