Join Team Canada for ICWIP 2020 (Deadline Dec. 15)

The 7th International Conference on Women in Physics will be held in Melbourne, Australia, July 13-17, 2020 ( We are seeking members of the Canadian physics community to serve on Team Canada.

The goals of Team Canada are to develop strategies to promote Women and Gender Minorities in Physics (WGEMSIP) in Canada, including strategies for recruitment and retention, as well as for institutional changes; to disseminate information gathered from attending ICWIP; and to provide outreach on the status of WGEMSIP in Canada to the international community.

The Canadian team will consist of a) five travelling members, and b) non-travelling members. The Chair of CEWIP (Committee for Encouragement of Women in Physics of the Canadian Association of Physicists) is the Team Leader.

Travelling members will attend ICWIP in Melbourne and present Canada’s country poster, and Canada’s country paper.  They will also bring back information for dissemination to the Canadian physics community.  Team Canada travelling members are strongly encouraged to apply for funding from their own institution. CEWIP members and conference alumni are applying for funding that will partially support travel for five delegates.

Non-traveling members of Team Canada support the work of the Canadian delegation, but without the commitment of attending the ICWIP.  Additionally, if there are more applicants than positions in the travelling team, some applicants will be offered a role as a non-traveling member. Non-traveling members can apply to be on the travelling team for future ICWIPs. Conference alumni will be invited to join Team Canada as non-travelling members.

The team members will be selected keeping the goal of team diversity in mind.  Specifically, the team will be representative of gender diversity (women, men, gender minorities), inclusion of undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, early career, and senior level members, underrepresented ethnic/racial minorities, geographic diversity, different career paths (academic, corporate, K-12 teachers, government laboratory, etc.). Social/behavioral scientists with knowledge of STEM careers and/or women in STEM may also be included. Members of CEWIP will receive priority.


Responsibilities of Team Members:

The responsibilities of members of Team Canada will be to:

  • Have or develop expertise & knowledge on issues facing WGEMSIP in Canada
  • Participate in two (or more) teleconferences in Winter 2020.
  • Develop Canada’s country poster (for presentation at ICWIP)
  • Write Canada’s country paper (for publication in the conference proceedings)
  • Help with fundraising for the travelling members to travel to Melbourne
  • Help travelling team members to register and make travel arrangements
  • Serve as reviewer for other ICWIP papers (deadline 14 Aug 2020)
  • After the conference, help revise country paper
  • Present/publish on issues of women and physics at local/national venues

In addition, the travelling team members will:

  • Submit their own research abstract (deadline 31 May 2020)
  • Develop their own research poster for presentation at the conference
  • Submit own research paper (optional; deadline 30 June 2020)

During the conference (July 2020):

  • Attend conference sessions
  • Help with notetaking during parallel sessions
  • Present own research poster
  • Revise own research paper (optional)
  • Collate information gained from ICWIP for dissemination within Canada


Application: The application consists of an expression of interest, an abstract of a research poster that you would present at the conference, and a short biographical sketch (for inclusion on the Team Canada website). Additionally, students and post-docs must submit a letter of reference.

  • The expression of interest will address the following questions:
    • Delegates must be willing to participate in activities before and after the conference. What sort of activities can you engage in to prepare for the conference beforehand, and to share information about the conference afterwards? (150 words limit)
    • What has been your previous engagement and activity to advance women in physics/science and how do you plan to contribute to the success of the conference and to follow-up in Canada? (250 word limit)
  • The poster abstract should focus on your (research) specialty. Should be no more than 250 words.  This helps us to ensure that there is diversity in the field of Physics on the Team.
  • The biographical sketch must contain: your degrees – what, when, where, appointments, area of Physics specialization, and service activities related to the conference. (200 word limit)
  •  (For post-docs and students): The letter of reference should be one-page and should support the essay included in your application. Specifically, the letter should address (1) how the post-doc or student can contribute to the success of the conference and (2) why attending the conference is valuable to the student/PDF and institution.

Completed applications must be submitted at by no later than 11:59pm (Eastern) on Sunday, December 15, 2019 to receive full consideration.  For any questions, contact Dr. Chitra Rangan, Team Leader, ICWIP 2020 Team Canada, at .