Your input is needed on CAP lobbying efforts – HCFC Poll taking place until July 14

To submit your recommendations please log in to and select the “HCFC 2010 Poll” link found on the left.

As in 2009, CAP would like your input on what recommendations (maximum 3) CAP should make in its Brief to the House of Commons Finance Committee (HCFC), and should emphasize in other lobbying efforts.

Some possible recommendations are shown at the following link: Each one, of course, would be supported by detailed arguments. We invite you to select your top 3 recommendations and to rank them (#1 being the most important), based on your view of what is most important to the physics / science community as a whole. If you wish, please add one or more additional recommendation(s) and rank it/them. In all cases, feel free to add comments in the spaces provided.

To fit in with the timetable of the HCFC, please provide your input by July 14. Thanks for your help!

Paul S. Vincett
CAP Director of Science Policy