Statement of CAP’s Recommendations for Federal Science Funding Priorities, 2015-16

Each year, on behalf of the Canadian physics community, the CAP Board has endeavoured to communicate to the federal government our recommendations for science funding priorities during the upcoming fiscal year. This is normally accomplished by responding to the government’s call for pre-budget planning submissions in the summer, with our CAP recommendations being formulated under the advice of the CAP’s Director of Science Policy, who in turn works with the Science Policy Committee to arrive at our final set of recommendations.

During the 2014-15 year, we saw a reflection of several of our recommendations appearing in the Federal budget, to some degree, and we were able to follow up last fall to re-iterate our community’s science funding priorities with several Members of Parliament (both government and opposition) who responded to our invitation to meet with us.

With this year now being an election cycle, our prepared 2015-16 pre-budget submission of priorities was acknowledged, but not accepted since the budget committee had dissolved for the election. Therefore, in order to assist the Canadian physics community in discussing the science funding priorities of the CAP with their local/regional candidates for Parliament as we lead up to the October election, please find here both the CAP Science Funding Priorities for 2015-16 as prepared for the government Finance Committee this past summer, as well as a 1-page summary of the points contained therein.

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