Seeking Hosts for the “2018 Women In Physics Canada” Conference

Women in Physics Canada (WIPC) is a conference aimed primarily at (but not restricted to) graduate students in physics, astrophysics, biophysics and related fields. The conference is generally held in the summer period; the format of the conference consists of student presentations, keynote lectures, panel discussions and opportunities for networking.

The WIPC steering committee is seeking hosts for the 2018 conference and beyond. Interested groups or individuals should submit a proposal before Friday, October 20, 2017. Proposals will be accepted after this date, until a host has been selected. The steering committee is happy to discuss any aspect of the conference, including possible sources of support, with interested parties.

Previous editions of WIPC ran successfully at:

  • 2011 Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Ontario
  • 2012 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 2013 Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia
  • 2015 University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2016 University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • 2017 University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

Conference goals

WIPC is first and foremost a scientific conference, in which early career scientists have the opportunity to present their work and to hear plenary talks from leaders in the field. Its intent is also to provide support to early career researchers who self–identify as women, encouraging them to continue in a career in science. The conference provides participants with the opportunity to network with physicists from across Canada, to facilitate the sharing of experiences, ideas and advice. WIPC aims to foster a sense of community and belonging among participants.

Proposals should include:

  • Detailed budget (including student travel support)
  • Proposed registration fees
  • Details on affordable accommodations
  • Venue information

Proposals and questions should be sent to