Science Policy Advocacy Campaign

This summer, the CAP asked for your help to encourage Parliament to implement recommendations from a powerful report (The Naylor Report) that includes many ideas and actions that evolved from broad nationwide consultations about fundamental science.

In late September, one major recommendation was implemented: Dr. Mona Nemer was named as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor. The CAP looks forward to working with Dr. Nemer in this new role.  Learn more about the responsibilities of the Chief Science Advisor by reading  the Government’s press release. and information compiled by the Canadian Science Policy Centre.

We still need your help to encourage Parliament to implement more of the Naylor Report recommendations to improve fundamental research in Canada. By taking part in these efforts, you will be joining many other scientists from diverse disciplines who are lobbying for rejuvenation in our federal support of fundamental science. To those who have already helped, thank you! To those who are willing to get involved now, there are three ways that you can help:

It is important for all CAP members to continue communicating the value of our science to everyday Canadians. A general public that appreciates the value of Canadian science will help make the case to MPs and Ministers that implementing the Naylor report will help Canada.

Would you like to know more about the CAP’s role in shaping science policy? Are you interested in getting involved? Contact the CAP Director of Science Policy, Kris Poduska, for more information (