Physics in Canada journal

Upcoming issue: Nanoscale Approaches to Biological Systems

The second issue of 2017 Physics in Canada journal will be a theme issue on Nanoscale Approaches to Biological Systems. This issue is scheduled to be out to members and subscribers by the end of June. Guest Editors for this issue include John Dutcher (Univ. of Guelph), Nancy Forde (Simon Fraser Univ.) and Sabrina Leslie (McGill Univ.)

Feature articles:


  • Engineering Nanoscale Biological Molecular Motors, by Chapin S. Korosec and Nancy R. Forde
  • Toward the Design Principles of Biomolecular Machines, by Aidan I. Brown and David A. Sivak
  • Biological Confinement Physics: Squeezing New Information out of Complex Macromolecules, by Sabrina R. Leslie, Albert Kamanzi, Daniel Berard, Marjan Shayegan, Gilead Henkin, Jason Leigh, Shane Scott and Francis Stabile
  • Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles: Exciting Science and Promising Technologies from Nature, by John R. Dutcher, Michael Grossutti, John Atkinson, Benjamin Baylis, Hurmiz Shamana, Eric Bergmann, Jonathan Nickels and John Katsaras
  • Resolving Biology Beyond the Diffraction Limit with Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy, by Nafiseh Rafiei, Daniel Nino and Joshua N. Milstein
  • Watching Single Biological Molecules Fold using Laser Tweezers, by Michael T. Woodside
  • Canada: an Outstanding Environment for Academic Technology Entrepreneurs, by Andre Marziali
  • Nanopores: Electronic Tools for Single-Molecule Biophysics and Bio-Nanotechnologies, by Vincent Tabard-Cossa, Kyle Briggs, Autumn Carlsen, Martin Charron, Philipp Karau, Zachary Roelen and Matthew Waugh
  • Nanomechanics of Protein Filaments, by Samuel J. Baldwin, Andrew S. Quigley and Laurent Kreplak

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