Partners Corner – December, 2017

Research and community news from our industrial and corporate partners.

NSERC Calls for submissions for “Science Exposed”.  Showcasing science through vibrant images. 

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Science Exposed is a contest organized by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and devoted exclusively to images of scientific research, in all fields of study. The research image contest challenges Canadians to combine creativity and science for a chance to win one of four cash prizes of $2,000.  Contest closes on Friday, January 12, 2018.  For more information visit:

Entrants with a physics submission are encouraged to also consider submitting their entry in the Art of Physics competition run by the Canadian Association of Physicists (see

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On Monday, November 13th, 2017, the TUCAN Collaboration at TRIUMF achieved a major milestone by producing the first ultra-cold neutrons (UCNs) ever created in Canada

UCNs like those produced at TRIUMF move slow enough and with such low energy that they can be trapped and contained inside special bottles. This makes UCNs ideal for a variety of important fundamental physics measurements, including determining the neutron electric dipole moment (the nEDM). Scientists predict the nEDM to be vanishingly small- however, if it is measured to be larger than expected, it could aid in solving the puzzle of why there is much more matter than antimatter in the universe!

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Celebrating its 50th birthday, TRIUMF looks to 2018 and beyond 

As Canada’s particle accelerator centre, TRIUMF has been pushing the boundaries of particle and nuclear physics and isotope research for nearly five decades. Next year marks TRIUMF’s 50th birthday, and preparations are underway for a year of celebration and recognition as the lab fondly reflects on its five decades of adventures in science and looks ahead to a future filled with excitement. TRIUMF is seeking input from its diverse community of colleagues and alumni from across Canada and around the world: if you have a TRIUMF memory that you’d like to share or celebrate, or to learn how you can join in the lab’s festivities, please see Stay tuned for news and upcoming events!