NSERC Announces Open Access Policy for Publications

NSERC recently announced the Tri-Council Open Access Policy on Publications, designed to ensure that federally-funded research is broadly disseminated. Details can be found on the NSERC website or the Government of Canada’s Science.gc.ca website.


  • The policy requires that federally-funded peer-reviewed journal publications be made freely available within 1 year of publication
  • Grant recipients must also acknowledge NSERC funding in all publications, quoting the funding number
  • There are two routes to compliance:
    • Grant recipients can deposit their final, peer-reviewed manuscript into an institutional or disciplinary repository that will make the manuscript freely accessible within 12 months of publication
    • Grant recipients can publish in a journal that offers immediate open access or that offers open access on its website within 12 months

CAP’s original consultation on the policy is available here.
A document that may be useful to physicists as they work to comply with the new policy is posted below. 

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