Membership Day of Action Report

In line with our goal of increasing our number of affiliates and members to 2020 by the year 2020, the CAP organized its first national membership recruitment event on November 7, 2017, which also coincided with Marie Curie’s Birthday and the international day of Medical Physics.  On November 7, all our members and affiliates were asked to increase awareness of the CAP within their immediate networks, targeting potential members, with emphasis on women in physics and medical physicists.

Thanks to everyone, including our regional councillors and Friends of CAP who responded to our call.  A special mention goes to TRIUMF and SNOLAB who helped to increase awareness of the CAP on their social media throughout the day.

Through the combined efforts of all we were able to further increase awareness of the Association and its importance to the Canadian Physics community, as well as amplify our voice through the additional members that joined as a result of the event.

Wishing all our members and affiliates a peaceful festive season with the hope that with your continued support, 2018 will bring us closer to 2020 members and affiliates!

Chantal Éthève-Meek
Membership Manager| Gestionnaire des Adhèsions