Meet the first CAP Fellows (FCAP)

First CAP Fellowships Awarded
Congratulations to our inaugural Fellows

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Physicists has initiated a process to establish a Fellowship Program. The CAP Fellowship Program will recognize CAP members who have made important contributions in physics research, in physics teaching, in the advancement of technology, or in service to the CAP.

To launch this new Fellowship Program, the Board of the CAP awarded our inaugural Fellowships to two esteemed CAP members at the 2022 Congress banquet at the Royal Botannical Gardens in Hamilton ON.

Meet our 2022 Fellows

Dr. Arthur B. McDonald, FCAP Dr. Donna Strickland, FCAP
Arthur MacDonald is the Gray Chair Emeritus at Queen’s University and is a co-recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics, with Takaaki Kajita, “for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass”. Donna Strickland is a Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy
at the University of Waterloo and is a co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics, with Gérard Mourou, “for developing chirped pulse amplification”.


The citation for our inaugural CAP Fellowships reads:

for outstanding contributions to physics research and education, for leadership within the Canadian physics community and for inspiring the next generation of physics graduates.

More details about the CAP Fellowship Program will be released in the coming months. We hope you will all consider nominating one of your CAP member colleagues for this distinct honour.